If you are into medicine or surgery there is not a whole lot out there as in app terms to get close to all things surgical which also includes tutorials,we have featured some apps before in this field but this app stands alone for features and more and its called Touch Surgery , I have always had an interest in medicine and surgery and read up on it quite often and like to see new things arrive on mobile,this app is excellent and even if  surgery is not your thing you should take a look..The app is available on Android and iOS too so you have no excuse..  Touch Surgery is an interactive mobile surgical simulator that guides you step-by-step through every part of an operation, and every decision that’s made along the way. It’s the OR in your pocket.

The app was created by Jean Nehme and Andre Chow, two surgeons who were looking for a solution to supplement their training at the time that working hours caps were put on surgeons in the UK. The reason they emphasise aesthetics in their content is in order to provide the most medically accurate simulations and most effectively disseminate best practices. They employ animators and visual artists who have worked on projects such as The Dark Knight, Gravity, Skyfall, Harry Potter, Avatar, Finding Nemo, and many other films.

If you have a week stomach perhaps its not for you…really its not that bad….

The app contains multiple procedures so you can choose what you like or what might interest you and then you can do training depending on what level you chose,you are then given multiple choice options on what is next,i picked a surgical operation,you are then presented with multiple choice answers on proceeding with the said operation and then you are scored on your progress…

Lets look at what the app has to offer….



With Touch Surgery’s surgical simulator, you can:

-Practice surgery anytime, anywhere…
-Learn operations step-by-step in our training mode
-Experience realistic surgical environments created with state-of-the-art 3D graphics
-Evaluate your knowledge and preparedness in “Test” mode
-Track your results and measure your progress
-Build a personalized library of operations
-Design an ‘in-app curriculum’ that matches your daily schedule

It’s widely accepted that cognitive decision-making should be mastered before you attempt the manual parts of an operation. Or as the surgical mantra goes, “the decision comes before the incision”.

Touch Surgery is built on that foundation. It is changing surgery.

Touch Surgery’s medical content has been developed in collaboration with leading surgeons and surgical institutions worldwide to ensure the utmost accuracy and surgical validity..

Touch Surgery allows you to hone your skills before you operate. Only you can make you the best surgeon, but Touch Surgery will help you get there.

If you are studying medicine or interested in it this app is a must and incredibly intuitive and the UI is also great.. I have tried out a few procedures on the app and its amazing alone what you can learn just using this app about the human anatomy,surgical equipment and more…

[ Download on Android ] [ Download on iOS ]  [ Web ]

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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