Its a big day for iDMobile in Ireland today as the new MVNO from Carphone Warehouse is set to shake up the mobile industry and with plans that will be hard to beat,with this the consumer can decide rather than be given set plans which are on offer,one big thing is goodbye to the 2 year contracts too which will be most welcome.

Shane Lynn explains..

  • iD mobile launches today Thursday the 20th of August and set to deliver some welcome competition in the mobile industry
  • KillBiller, Ireland’s independent mobile plan recommender app, have reviewed their pricing structure and found that iD will significantly undercut many of their competitors
  • The flexibility of iD’s pricing is at odds with many other Irish operators who lock consumers into 2-year contracts.
  • Based on our analysis, the packages that will suit a large number of people will be 3GB data, 250 minutes, and 100 texts – matching the usage profile of smartphone users at the moment. This will come in at a cost of €18.50 per month. 
  • All iD plans are available in the KillBiller application
  • KillBiller is the perfect tool for people who want to work out what package is best for them, and all pricing and switching details are now available.


Impact of iD on competitiveness in the Irish mobile market


KillBiller analysed a database of over 15,000 Irish mobile users and over 350 plans as part of a comprehensive report. The report looks at the impact of iD, as Ireland’s newest mobile operator, on the Irish mobile market.


  • iD will be the most competitive 4G operator for over 75% of Irish customers.
  • Its closest competitor in the 4G space will be Three, who will have the cheapest 4G plan for 14.3% of users.
  • When you consider both 3G and 4G, iD will be the best value for just under one in three Irish smartphone users (31.5%).
  • Tesco Mobile is the cheapest overall for four in ten users (42.4%), however, it should be noted that none of the Tesco Mobile plans include 4G data.
  • Vodafone is the most expensive operator on 3G and 4G; it is only best value for 1.8% of users.
  • iD will have 125 possible plan combinations. This means a lot of choice for consumers, but may lead to confusion in selecting the right plan.
  • iD report that users can change their allocations during a contract. This is welcome for consumers as many contracts are fixed for periods of 18 or 24 months.
  • There is no 4G price premium on iD plans
  • Prepay and Billpay plans are the same price and handsets are priced separately.
  • The average SIM-only plan on iD will cost customers just €20.81 per month, this is €166* per annum less than the average billpay cost per user across the Irish market.

*Based on ComReg Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and assuming all users in the KillBiller dataset are billpay customers. ARPU is the average monthly revenue per user as defined by the ComReg.

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About KillBiller

 KillBiller is an independent industry commentator that is focused on finding the best value in the mobile market. Our mobile app allows consumers to compare all mobile plans in Ireland against their own usage to find the best deals. We’re experts on all things mobile in Ireland.

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