Sundar Pichai, the man who has long been the senior vice president of products like Chrome and Android will now serve as the CEO of Google and will take on the position earlier helmed by Larry Page. Confused?? This is true that Google now has a new CEO to care of the operations, thinking of what’s going on in Google?? Well, Google has restructured and the founders have a new venture Alphabet.

Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are starting a new company called Alphabet. While there’s nothing very remarkable in that, the real bombshell is that Google will now be rolled under Alphabet alongside other more ‘risky’ ventures. Under Alphabet, Google is expected to be a leaner entity with a focus on the core products that the company is famous for.

Larry Page will take over as CEO of Alphabet, Sergey Brin will function as the President and current Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, will be presiding as the executive chairman of Alphabet. All in all, the move while surprising is certainly very interesting and might we say good for business as well as investors.

Alphabet will act as an umbrella corporation for ventures like Nest, Google X, Google Fibre amongst others. For quite sometime, the search giant has been gaining mass in the form of acquisitions like Nest, Calico and home grown ventures like Fibre, Fi. Under the newly streamlined company, these add-ons that have been acquired will be spun off from Google and will operate as individual companies under Alphabet. Here onwards, Google will focus on its core competencies like search, advertising, maps, Android and Youtube.

By removing the bread and butter generating company from the equation, Larry Page & Sergey Brin are free to explore risky moonshot ventures without jeopardizing Google itself. We’ll just have to wait and watch how this one shapes out.

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