Have you ever been on a trip and desperately needed an internet conection but couldn’t find a wifi spot and so avoiding to owe your soul to the carrier by roaming?

Well, here we have something to assist never being in that position again.

Introducing WifiMapper

wifimapperAs the app name suggests what it does is pretty simple, it shows you in a map where you can find FREE WI-FI spots with some green dots on the screen.

“The circle shows the place”

When you tap a location on your map, it will tells some relevant information such as:

– What the location is
– Name of the connection
– If you need to register to use it
– Connection speed
– If it’s an unsecured network or not.

and other some minor details.

You can also see if the connection isn’t actually free and help to keep update the data.

wifimapper-free-wifiThe app is Powered by Foursquare so apart from having the needed internet information, you’ll also get information about the place (would be good having a good coffee with the “free” internet)

650_1200To use the app you’ll need to log in with your Facebook account, and soon would be possible to use Google +

The app is Free and it’s available on IOS and Android

Get the Android version HERE
Get the IOS version HERE

Are you going to take advantage of the new app? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us using #techbuzzireland

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