Yes you read that correctly they have announced a Switch to Windows Phone App its akin to Transfer My Data. Ok I still use WP daily but now alongside Android and Blackberry but considered the amount of people that have jumped ship over the last year and the fact there has been no flagship in almost two years fans are not happy to say the least with the continued low to mid tier handsets now available,but with Windows 10 almost upon us that will change everything wont it,well we will soon find out and hopefully all the rumours of a flagship floating around are true and we actually see one or two THIS year..



The app is set to make life easy for those who want to switch from Android to Windows and is now available to download..BUT it could have been much better in what its offering right now so hopefully it will be improved in the coming months…


1) WiFi: if you’ve already set up your Windows phone. You’ll be able to move your contacts, text messages, photos, videos, and music over directly using virtual Wi-Fi and an app that you install on your new phone.
You do not need any network, real WiFi router or account. But you need to install a Windows Phone app on your Windows Phone. The name of the app is “Switch to Windows Phone”.which you can get HERE

(2) OneDrive: if you haven’t set up your new phone yet. You’ll create a backup copy of your bookmarks, photos, videos, and apps, which can be downloaded automatically when you set up the new phone.
You need network connection and an Microsoft account.

Download HERE from the Play Store


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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