If you’re an Apple fan and want the latest Iphone, this is probably the best chance to get it!


Since the 30th of May and until 20th of June Best Buy is offering customers the chance to trade-in their old Iphone 5 and get a new Iphone 6 at $1 on a two-year contract (which normally is priced at $200)

iphone6-specs-hero-2014This is a great offer having in mind that Apple is only giving you $100 for your old handset.

As a plus to that offer BestBuy is also giving away a $25 My Best Buy® Rewards certificate and a $50 gift card with any Iphone purchase.

gift-cardThe Iphone you’ll through Best Buy is the 16gb version compatible with Verizon or Sprint.

Of course is not as simple as giving your almost dead Iphone to get the new one, the trade-in value can vary depending on the condition of the phone, but even then, it will be a good deal for most people.

You can check the offer HERE for more details

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