With phishing attempts now nearly a daily occurrence for some its likely these guys will catch people out and the fact of the matter is they do so it means we have to more vigilant and just use common sense,given that these are a daily occurrence the thing is they are getting better and redirecting takes you to almost identical pages from the official website..

You can also take note of the URL that will be in your address bar at the top of the page,a similar incident below is one example of a recent phishing attempt.If you get a suspicious email always check the website which most will be familiar with and check the URL better again just delete the email just to be safe.



Here is the latest email we have got from somebody at Apple trying to be nice and protect our privacy.. NOT and of course the said link removed.

Apple Team Inc

Thank you.

You ve taken the added security step and provided a rescue email address. Now all you need to do is verify that it belongs to you.

The rescue email address that you gave us is not verified yet , please take some minutes sign in using your Apple iD and password, then follow the prompts. 

The rescue email address is dedicated to your security and allows Customer Support Team to get in touch if any account questions come up, such as the need to reset your password or change your security questions. As promised, Customer Support Team will never send any announcements or marketing messages to this address.

When using Customer Support Team products and services, you ll still sign in with your primary email address as your Apple ID.

It s about protecting your identity
Just so you know, Customer Support Team sends out an email whenever someone adds or changes a rescue email address associated with an existing Customer Support Team ID. If you received this email in error, don t worry. It s likely someone just mistyped their own email address when creating a new Customer Support Team ID. 

Thank you for chossing Apple Store,
Team Support Inc

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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