One of the many reason why I’m not a big Apple fan is hardware, specially the lack of the back button, I don’t like all my apps to run in the background.

Well, that particular reason is about to be useless thanks to the guys of Halo Back and their “Smart Screen Protector”.

haloback-logoThe guys of Halo Back have been working on this for the last four years and they finally have it.

I have pretty big hands and even I have some troubles to reach the upper left corner of phone; I know that IOS has a “Back gesture” and the “Double tap on the Home Button”, but I always found way more easier just have it right where it should be.

without_less11This “Smart Screen Protector” is unique on its territory, besides protect your phone from even explotions (it was really cool read this) it add the only thing that all your Android and WP friends always make fun of you,


withBut let’s take a look to what are they offering us:

How it works? is much easier than you think:

Our fingers conduct electricity, which is used to trigger the actions on “capacitive touchscreens” (the one that all phones have) and the guys of Halo Back, added a circuit layer to traditional glass screen protector.

It helps to lead current when you press lower left corner of the screen, so that’s how the “new back button” works.

smart-layerHere’s an example of how to install and use one in your phone:

Here are the specs:
Compatibility: iPhone 6 | iPhone 6 Plus
Crystal Clear: High-grade tempered glass provides ultimate clarity. Its nano coating repels natural skin oils making Glass simple to keep clean and looking great.
Height: 130mm | 150mm  Width: 59mm | 69mm  Depth: 0.21mm  Weight: 6g | 8g

As you can see they have thought a lot about it, and you can help they dream (and if you’re like me, yours too) to come true on our beloved Kickstarter for just $17.

And it will be nice taking in consideration the estimated retail price of $49

kshaloback1If everything works as it should it would be awesome! (and I’ll have to stand my Iphone friends for ages…)

You can order your HERE

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