Energy Elephant is a simple intuitive way to read your Meter,not only is it easy its faster and it save you money in the process.In a time when we all want to save money this is an ideal app which makes life easier and saves you money too so its a win win via an app..Not only that there is also a web application too so everyone is covered..


EnergyElephant’s world first in smart meter reading apps, allows you to take a simple photo of your meter reading and we’ll submit it to make sure estimated bills and bill revisions become a thing of the past.  This app can be used for lots of useful stuff like estimating how much energy you use at night time.



Key Features:
• We can submit the reading directly to utilities, to make sure estimated bills and bill revisions become a thing of the past.
• Typically over 75% faster than traditional meter reading systems and far easier for you to use.
• App links to EnergyElephant accounts seamlessly giving you the best energy analytics and insights instantly.
• Know how much energy you’ve used, how much it has cost and your carbon footprint.
• Eco friendly. Reduces the need for meter reading personnel to travel around collecting readings.


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All Your Energy Data, Safe & Secure

  • Eliminate your estimated bills and save time on analysis.
  • Carry out virtual energy audits at the speed of light.
  • Empower your staff/stakeholders to reduce energy waste.
  • Never lose your data, no matter who your supplier.
  • Reduce your Carbon footprint and open green marketing opportunities.

Why Use It…

EnergyElephant make’s every electricity and gas meter smart!
EnergyElephant is the fastest way to submit a meter reading. Over 75% faster than current system, Try it and see how much faster it is for you.  
All you need to know is how to take a photo with your smart phone! You’ll never pay too much for your energy bills ever again and it can help you reduce your energy use too.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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