The LG watch Urbane is one of the better looking Android Wear accessories (with the Huawei Watch) and now you can add another great function to it, make calls directly on your wrist!


Well, is not that easy as pick up your wrist and call, you’ll need your phone as the Urbane watch lacks cellular connectivity. what this app do is transform your smartwatch into a handsfree accessory.

Something strange happens this time though, this app is only compatible with the Urbane model. LG has two other SmartWatches but for some reason the app in not available for these.

Maybe they’ll made available for all latter, this decision has raise the wrath of plenty LG SmartWatch users that don’t choose the Urbane model.

The LG Urbane was launched in the Google Store for $349 has has some of the better android wear specs you can find.


You can grab an Urbane Watch HERE and the app HERE

Will you choose the Urban Watch now you know this? Or you have one right now and can enjoy this new app?

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