Now that we tend to store everything on the cloud, the big companies are in a silent war, to be the one you choose.Cloud storage is now being pushed by most and offering plenty of free storage this is an extra option for potential buyers and for devices that lack SD expansion for those who use cloud its a bonus regardless.

Well this time it was Google and its cloud service the one that has a big offer.


When you use a Windows Phone you get 15 GB free extra storage on your OneDrive account, when you get a Samsung or a HTC you’ll get 50 GB free extra storage on your Dropbox account.

But this time Samsung did something unexpected and partnered with Microsoft to offer to new Office apps and MS services right out of the box (including 100GB of storage on OneDrive)

Maybe Google thought that is now time to offer something really attractive to get the eyes of everyone on their own Cloud service.

And now they did it with the help of LG, it was announced one the G4 event that owners of the new LG flagship will get 100 GB of free Drive storage!

Whether this is good or not, is a pretty big deal.

Are you going to pick up the G4 and they 100GB on Drive or the Galaxy S6 and they 100GB on OneDrive? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us using #techbuzzireland

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