Only last year Samsung announced a new app for kids suffering with Autism called Look At Me Now they have released an app for people suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.The App is called Backup Memory.

About a year ago, Azer Jaafoura and a few of his colleagues at Samsung Electronics Tunisia (SETN) were thinking of helping out Alzheimer’s patients. However, with a full-time job and already volunteering at a children’s hospital, Azer and his colleagues were strapped for time.


“We wanted to make life easier for Alzheimer’s patients as well as their caretakers, but we were initially unsure of how to go about doing this,” said Azer, a marketing manager for mobile products at SETN. “While Alzheimer’s may be incurable, recent studies have shown that mental stimulation in the form of regular reminders of past events could potentially slow down the progression of the disease. This is where we saw an opportunity.”

Such features of Backup Memory are made possible through Bluetooth. Backup Memory uses Bluetooth to search for other smartphones running the same app, and connects to those devices when they’re within a 10-meter (33 feet) radius. Once connected, Backup Memory displays information about the nearby person. Prior to using Backup Memory, the relevant information and multimedia content have to be manually inputted or uploaded onto the app.


Backup Memory is available in two languages – English and French – Download –  Google Play.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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