Not so long ago we had the fantastic Jabra Move headset in for testing and they turned out to be pretty impressive to say the least.This time round its top of the crop for the office and we have the Jabra Evolve in for inspection so how did these turn out to be,lets find out.

First up is the packaging.WP_20150420_18_17_16_Pro


The Jabra Evolve come in a nice flat box but don’t let this fool you as to what’s inside,there comes a separate pouch which then contains the Evolve headset which is neatly tucked inside a black pouch with a nice fluorescent zipline,spaced between the cups is a piece of cushion to keep them from harm or rubbing off each other which could over time cause some abrasion marks.Also included is control unit which is conveniently designed for easy use and enables easy productivity.. this can be connected to your in house system or PC via USB,the headphones themselves have a fixed 3.5mm cable with ample length so there is room to move.





The headband is solid with a rubberized material on the underside which is comfortable on the head nor does it catch or interfere with your hair,this seems very durable also and should last a long time,the outer side of the band is plastic which seems very tough and flexible,again this would appear to have plenty of longevity in it.




The cups are big,not typically something i would see in our office but these are top dollar,covering the entire ear with a soft flexible ear cushions these block out distractions,this is my idea of headphones be it for music or work,these are very comfortable,labelled internally on both sides its easy to dictate one side from the other,both cups have a job to do which we will go onto next.



The left cup houses the micro USB port offering plug and play options so connectivity here is good giving the user choice,also on the left cup there is an indicator to let you know there is power once plugged into your PC etc.



The right cup has some more to offer,this hold the ANC toggle, Active Noise Cancellation. There is a huge difference between on and off here making these more than just useful at the office,if your turn ACN on the sound is amazing,even if you just used these a normal pair of headphones these are impressive and give an amazing sound experience which leaves the distraction behind,you can use these for work or pleasure and get great results for both and in comfort too,to be honest i would have no issue using these as just normal headphones the sound is that good and the experience you get.Also on this side is the boom arm which can be simply moved up or down to turn on and off,so when work is done or you simply want to listen to music and move away from your workspace you can swipe up the boom arm and then connect to your portable device with ease.


Control Unit.

The control unit is a sleek design which offers easy management of what you want to do,the undersize has a rubber ring which keeps it from slipping around and then there is a light around the centerpiece to enable busy mode which actually looks quite nice especially in a darker environment.Its a simple design with large indicators to guide you simply to your chosen action.If you are on a call the light will appear as shown below or you can activate this to yourself which is quite handy if you want to be left alone,i like this idea..


They are not cheap,£322.but in this life you get what you pay for, originally designed to make you more productive in your workspace these also act as a true pair or typical personal headphones so the price is worth it,they are comfortable,they do the job,they make life easy,especially in the office,they enhance productivity so infact you are getting quite more than your bargained for when you think of it,these big cupped headphones don’t suite everyone lets be honest but if i had these thrown my way from a company i worked for i would have no problem wearing them at home as well as in the office,beggars cant be choosers..There is other models available to form jabra which are smaller than these so again there is choice to suits ones personal taste along with the bosses.

For the full range of the Evolve series look over here at Jabra UK






By Jim O Brien/CEO

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