Good news for Vine users, Vine has a new, beautiful high quality format. Starting today, the stories you watch and share will look better than ever. Vine upgraded the existing 480 p format to 720 p which makes Vine experience lot better almost High Definition.

Left: 480p; Right: 720p. Image source: Brittlestar’s Vine.

“When you watch Vines on the app on iOS and Android , you’ll see these quality improvements — they are rolling out over the coming days. You’ll also see higher quality Vines embedded in sites across the web” read the blog.

The blog also read “If you have an iPhone, the posts you create and upload will support our new high quality format. For those with an Android device: rest assured, you’ll soon be able to create and upload posts with the same quality as well.”

Unfortunately no news on the WindowsPhone version of Vine which is still in Beta since it was launched to this platform. Hope WindowsPhone version scores an update soon.

Stay tuned for more tech buzz.

Source : Vine Blog


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