Like it or not the smartwatch is here and its here to stay,how long is anyones guess but there has been plenty of watches announced this year so far which may look aesthetically well but this one is different plus it has the looks too and i like it. Im pretty reserved on smart watches even though i wear one,the Apple watch didnt do it for me but this has the looks and appears to have what it takes to set a new example going forward.This watch does have a moto 360 look to it which i currently own so perhaps thats why im drawn to it right now.


About Olio

Olio Devices is a new, design-focused company with a passion for enriching peoples’ lives through premium products and meaningful connectivity. We thoughtfully blend the highest quality materials with carefully crafted design and considered intelligence for products that are as immediately functional as they are enduring and expressive. With a passion for detail, simplicity and empowerment, the Olio team works hard to give you freedom of choice in what you wear and time to focus on what matters most to you.



From Press Release

  • Dynamic Visualizations: Olio’s interface maps the busiest parts your day, making personal bandwidth glanceable, while simultaneously creating a dynamic watch face that is unique you.
  • Temporal Streams: Access the right information at the right time, with notifications and information organized into two simple and intuitive time streams—earlier and later.



  • Olio Assist: A cloud-based personal assistant that contextualizes and understands your personal preferences to offer insightful and actionable suggestions.
  • Intelligent Actions: You can dismiss or respond to content with a simple swipe, and even have Olio Assist hold your calls/texts and remind you to respond at a later time.
  • Control Hub: Control relevant third party products like thermostats, lights, locks, cars, speakers, and services like payments, directions and music without searching or wrestling for your phone.
  • True Cross Platform Compatibility: Olio is an independent brand and offers freedom to connect with both Android and Apple phones, as well as a wide range of connected hardware products.




Read the full Press Release at Olio



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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