We are what we eat as the saying goes and today diet and healthy eating is now becoming a trend,Katie and Alex from KickDish got in touch with us about their new app and we discussed about the future too..

KickDish, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is about to revolutionize the way consumers plan meals and grocery shop. For families who have varied taste buds, meal planning can become not only expensive, but also feel like short-order cooking. KickDish’s innovative app lets users indicate taste and diet preferences, and then suggests recipes accordingly. Once a recipe is selected, KickDish will generate a shopping list that can be synced among family members or roommates. As soon as the shopping list is edited, a push notification is received by the other user in order to draw attention to the instantly updated list. KickDish also offers the option to price-compare the customer’s grocery basket across online grocers. Once the customer is ready to checkout, they also have the option for online delivery.


What is KickDish..

In short, an app that is an indispensable tool to fit healthy eating into a busy life. Wouldn’t this help you stay on the right track, once and for all?

What can KickDish do for the consumer.

KickDish app gives you all the tools to support healthy eating: practical, healthy, affordable and enjoyable.

  • helping when planning meals
  • taking into account your partner or other family members
  • allowing composing of personal shopping lists
  • indicating which fruits and vegetables are in season this month
  • coming up with new seasonal recipes every month
  • taking into account your tastes, allergies, and intolerances
  • always by your side, at work, traveling, and so on.




Why is KickDish unique.

KickDish app is the first plan that facilitates a healthy life, because it has what other approaches lack. Healthy living and staying fit in a structured way, that’s what counts. This idea started the app and gives you all the tools. In addition, the diet plan is made for you, because it takes into account your intolerances.

What about food intolerance or allergies.

…. lactose / gluten / dairy / garlic / onions and much more, is the plan appropriate for me? The plan does not contain gluten, lactose and many other allergens that you would find in processed products. You can simply cross off and customize other allergens with the option “Your Taste/Intolerances”. Then you can see these crossed off items are not reflected in the Online Menu Planner. KickDish has thousands of recipes for the growing number of people who are faced with celiac, diabetes, or another medical condition. The user-friendly interface allows users to identify their, or a family member’s, dietary needs. The recipes pulled and highlighted will have all allergen-safe ingredients.



The Intelligence & Innovation of KickDish

One of the most exciting features of KickDish is the money saving tool it provides consumers. By using KickDish, your grocery bill is reduced since you have the option to price-compare across online grocers. Consumers also save money by reducing trips to the grocery store for the few items typically forgotten. Fewer trips to the store means less gas used, and now you can even have the option to get your groceries delivered.

Price-compare basket (1)

What is your prime goal.

KickDish’s mission is to make healthy food (almost) as convenient and affordable as fast food is. It’s an audacious goal, but we believe mobile technology, when used wisely, helps people reduce time and money spent on groceries. The more we succeed in doing just that, the bigger the chance that people will manifest their healthiest selves. And that’s a cause worth fighting for!
Below is the video for our crowdfunding campaign that we are launching soon to support this cause:

KickDish App features

On the screen you indicate what your allergies or intolerances are or simply what you just do not like. Then you can find recipes free of your allergens in the Menu Planner! Gives you complete control of your nutrition plan. The app provides you with a hypoallergenic diet plan or just a diet plan to your taste. These customized options increase your chances for sticking with the program!

Mobile Menu Planner with personal shopping list

You get recipe suggestions that reflect your personal taste,Then imagine a quick, personal shopping list. This will save you a lot of headaches, time and money (you can buy in larger quantities and be more aware of offers from the local supermarket). Additionally, the rest. The question: “What should I eat again” is no longer a problem! In the result screen you see exactly which food is used in any recipe. You do not need to print anything, just take your smartphone with you to the store or the kitchen.

Add your own recipes 

It may very well be that you have built up some favorite recipes over the years. It’s unlikely that these exact recipes are found in the app recipe database. No worries! Thanks to this option, you can quickly add your recipe(s). Then you get the recipe from the Menu Planner so you also enriched the online Menu Planner with your favorite recipes. The Menu Planner clearly sees what recipes are added by you and which are of KickDish.


 A truly collaborative meal planner

For example, sharing your shopping lists is super convenient if you’re not the only one in the family who goes shopping. Or if you want to encourage other family members to do so ;-). Do you have a central shopping list that is always up-to-date? KickDish does. Check off what you’ve bought already in the app and the rest of your family will be informed immediately.

The KickDish App

  • As an app for your smartphone or tablet! (iOS or Android)
  • Customize your Taste/Intolerances 
  • Online Menu Planner (with personal shopping list)
  • The KickDish Weekly Menus (seasonal)
  • Continuous updates
  • Add your own recipes

The App will be launching soon in the US and Europe soon after we will have all the details and update accordingly,we will have access to the App in April.

Check out the KickDish kickstarter

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