Google have recently acquired the technology from SoftCard and without hanging about they kill support for Windows Phone,however MS keep proving apps for Google and Apple alike so where is the love,there is none it seems.

On their website the following reads.





What does the deal mean for Softcard users?

For now, the Softcard app will continue to work. Users can continue to tap to pay, redeem offers and apply loyalty at more than 275,000 locations across the U.S. Google has acquired some technology and intellectual property from Softcard and we encourage our Android users to download Google Wallet. In the near future, the Softcard app will shut down and all wallets will be terminated. A specific termination date will be provided soon.

Is there a way to automatically move my payment and loyalty cards to Google Wallet?

No. In order to use Google Wallet you must separately sign up for a Google Wallet account and enter in your payment and loyalty cards.

What happens to my personal information?

The information you have shared with Softcard will not be shared as part of this deal.

What happens to payment and loyalty cards in my wallet?

This information will not be shared as part of this deal. Once your wallet is terminated your wallet payment credentials and loyalty cards can no longer be used.

Should I terminate the wallet myself?

Your wallet will be automatically terminated in the near future. In the event you would like to manually terminate your wallet before that time, please contact your mobile carrier.

What about Softcard for Windows?

The Softcard for Windows Phone app will also be terminated. A specific termination date will be provided soon.

This has left many fans of Windows Phone quite annoyed,what do you think of this news,shout off below..



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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