Today we bring to you a new startup which is working on to keep your cables well organized with their simple yet very effective product. Confused?? We spoke to Erin, Head Marketing Team from Cloop ™ today,  a project by two brothers from Milan, who took time thinking and developing a product which would keep you organized while you travel or do your daily exercise taking care of the cables for you. The word Cloop stands for neat, small, tangle-free and that’s what this new product is going to do. Read on to find what is it exactly that I’m talking about.


Who are you guys?

Cloop ™ was founded by two brothers, engineers who reside in Milan, Italy. Their backgrounds are in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering with Business Administration and Masters in Product Design.

How  did  Cloop  Band  come  up?

Started the Cloop project as a creative solution for a common daily problem they faced while traveling frequently for their current job positions, these brothers were struck with the idea of Cloop Band.

What  is  Cloop  Band?

Cloop is a new ideal cable management solution for earbuds, cell phone chargers and USB cables. Cloop  is a cable companion band that helps keep your cables untangled while in transport and use.


What  are  the  capabilies  of  Cloop  Band?

It features an elastic silicone band, along with two strong Neodymium magnets in the ends that provide a quick  locking and release mechanism. Additionally, Cloop features a cable passage to keep it in place and readily available to use at your convenience.

Who  is  the  team  Cloop?

Engineers and product design specialists. Marketing team led by Erin Corral-Holmes from Kickstartup.

What are the future  plans  &  product  line?

Cloop is planning to create a bigger band for bigger and and bulkier cables. Also, a sleek metallic base for desktop use. We will be looking to target the product on specific niche markets and applications, that can benefit from the Cloop operative benefits, such as in hospitals for telemetry and alike cords.

Who are the Partners?


When can we expect the Cloop Band prototype and the availability for the masses?

We have multiple prototype versions available.  We create in the U.S. our own molds using 3D printing. We also have done multiple prototype versions from the factories in China to perfect the product and ensure good quality. Cloop will be available on KICKSTARTER in April 2015.

What is the expected pricing for the Cloop Band?

We are targeting to launch in Kickstarter with two packages of three and five bands and three different colors: red, white and black.  We are planning to offer the package of 3 bands for $15 including shipping and the package of 5 bands for $20 including shipping.

How  is  Cloop Band  different  from  other  substutes  in  market?

Current available substitutes are that disposable cable ties as taught by the current state of art created at least  three  new problems:

  1. a problem of waste;
  2. a problem of being impractical; and
  3. a problem of being too simple such that there is a loss in functionality.

cloopmodeleditedCloop Band material, specification and dimension:

  • 1 x Syntactic rubber band of dimension: 2.13×0.22×0.14″
  • 2 x Neomedium magnets of dimension: 0.31×0.11″
  • Total weight 0.42 onces

Patent  Pending- Product design points (engineering perspective):

  1. Cloop minimizes waste because its reusable
  2. Cloop won’t slide off
  3. Optimal simplicity without compromising function
  4. Cloop is stretchable
  5. Two terminal magnetic ends that are covered in silicone. This protects the magnets from the environment and your accessories from damage(being scratched etc).
  6. Also, protecting the magnets with a soft silicone cover, does not diminish the magnetic closure strength.

What will the base of the Cloop Band do for the consumer?

  • Cloop’s base can be attached to the wall, or desk
  • Cloop’s base has a sleek design that looks great in plain view, on your desk, counter or sidetable
  • Cloop’s base keeps cables out of the way
  • Unkempt cables can be a safety hazard
  • The Cloop base holds your cables securely
  • The Cloop base is both attractive and fully functional

Whats  special  about  Cloop  design?

  • Silicone material provides flexibility and stability
  • Neodymium magnets make Cloop easy to snap shut, and easy to open
  • Cloop provides a snug fit, that will not allow cords or cables to slide
  • Roll the cable into the bundle and close Cloop
  • Durable design makes Cloop reusable
  • Cloop’s versatility means it can handle a wide variety of small to medium sized cables and accessories
  • There are other solutions out there for cable management, but there isn’t anything like Cloop as far as design and quality
  • Cloop is built for quality, and provides the simplicity you’re looking for.
  • Cloop can either be used stationary, or for portability
  • Magnetic ends are encased in silicone to protect them from the environment
  • Magnets are strong enough to securely hold your cables and cords in place, and the clasp will not “open” when storing or on the move.

We are very impressed with the Band by Cloop called the Cloop Band and would definitely love it taking care of wire chaos on our desks at office and we wish the while team all the best for the future. If you want to get alert of when Cloop launches on Kickstarter, you can sign up here and Cloop will email you when they are live or follow them on Twitter.

Let us know what do you think of this simple yet very handy good looking product in the comments below or tweet us using #techbuzzireland.

Stay tuned for more tech buzz.


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