Here is our thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 830 Wireless Charging Flip shell,the shell is nice and light and comes in either Green or Orange or Black,there is a slight variance between its original back cover which is really not a big deal,the Flip Shell case is known as the CP – 627 The front of the case has a nice smooth feel to it whilst the inside has a velvet touch which is also good to protect the screen on the 830,the back of the case is very smooth with two differences between its original which is the speaker grille is smaller and the Nokia Logo is not present but the Nokia Logo is present on the top on the front of the case..

As to longevity of the case would be down to how much you would use the phone,the front would get dirty real quick due to its colour and would be washable to a certain extent,over a period of time i would expect the cover to fade.The back of the case however would be more lasting due to its hard plastic and would see a longer life than the front,overall its quite nice not adding any bulk to your phone.I feel this would be a temporary case though due to the material on the front.

Check the Image Gallery below.

Video review of the Flip shell for the Lumia 830.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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