In the life we live today for most its all hustle and bustle and high paced and we are always rushing,and when you rush you forget things for techies especially it may be the charger,a USB and on some cases even your mobile phone or tablet,with both tablets and mobiles we are are now in the era of suffering battery anxiety and if you forget your charger or portable charger you are in trouble especially if there is none in the office.


Fear not there is a new solution to overcome this and not only this its also a solution to disposing of cables that get in the way,get tangled and and can often be annoying and giving you some more personal space around your laptop or PC whichever maybe the case..

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Welcome to a great solution by Echo Connect called the Echo Key.. What is Echo Key well lets have a look and explain all about it and how it works.

As described on the key itself its “The evolution of the cable”

Light – Carry it always with you. In your pocket, on your keys or in your purse. The same size as a small door key, you’ll never leave home without it.Its fair to say almost everyone has keys on their person so how can you forget it,unless you are having a bad morning and forget your keys…



Flexible – Don’t worry about breaking your cable. Use it and abuse it, it’ll last. With it’s new upgraded connectors and re-inforcements, it’s built for life.


MFI LICENSED  – The world’s first Apple licensed dual connector. Charge your smartphone, android, iPhone, tablets, and more with one device. Launching today,Launch price is just £6.00 usually £19.00 This is an isal solution for those with multiple devices and the fact that its Apple licensed means quite a good deal.


Always remain connected – No more need to remember your charge cable. Stay powered up throughout the day & night to NEVER be caught without battery charge again. With the Connect on your key chain, it will always be with you. Empower yourself.

Always at hand – No more needing flash storage when out of the office. Keep your files with you on your key ring. Day & night : NEVER be caught without essential files and storage. With the echo flash, it will always be with you. Empower yourself.

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The Echo key will come in several colours and pricing begins at £15.00 You can buy the Echo Key in Black,Blue and in Red,these are nice colours.You can also buy these with an Apple Licensed Lightning connector therefor you have the ability to charge multiple devices at any given time this is really a good idea especially for those who carry multiple devices at one time,myself being a prime example and even though i have ample charging options i still suffer with battery anxiety due to my line of work and of course being a blogger i do use my phone on the go at time to do articles such an urgent one need be posted. This solves it all in one small package..

The Team at Echo Connect 


 Having tried and tested this product the last few days i feel this is a must have i really like the idea,it creates space in your work environment,no messy cables or chargers,no accidental drops ,no tangling of wires,its neat and tidy and sets out to do the purpose its aimed at i really like it and for me i will be saying goodbye to my cables,one thing i hate is clutter around me when at work,this solves this and much much more and for its size its just right.

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You can find out everything and all the products and the team over here at EchoKeys.Com we would like to thank all the team for their time over the last while and for giving us the chance to try out this great product and we look forward to future products from this great team,we wish you all the best in the future..

Check out our video review and tell us what you think, also check out their new campaign . .

Pros – Small,cheap,tidy and looks well.

Cons – Some devices may have USB ports reversed so phone will be face down.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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  1. Awesome piece of tech really convenient. Have you done research on external battery packs? Saw them advertised in Argos but not quite sure of quality and if they would serve my purpose. Always on the look out for something practical and light weight ..a back up power source for me phone /Garmin Forerunner..

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