I use countless phones during the year and its hard to find any decent androids with good cameras apart from the likes of the Galaxy Note or LG G3 these would be fairly good when it comes to taking snaps,using the Nexus 6 well the camera is pretty poor and annoying and causing issues,of late my device told me i had no camera on my nexus which really annoyed me especially when i did need it at the time,slightly off topic you just beat the camera on Nokia Lumia devices especially high end,even the latest 735 takes amazing photos for its price and laughs at the Nexus 6..  Below is the message i got when trying to take photos yesterday,very annoying to say the least.




Anyhow should you get this error after trying to clear the cache in the app and every other method bar the hard reset which i hate having to do,i switched off the phone for ten minutes and it was working,this was too late for me then but mostly i do carry two phones with me but not today.Lesson learned now,always carry one of my Lumia devices just in case..

I discovered this new app called Manual Camera,there is several apps in the store,most of them are quite frankly crap and riddled with ads so this is a no go for me,this app does cost you a mere €1.69 and i find the app itself to work quite well with a nice UI and more features than the stock camera app by google on the Nexus 6



Limited time offer! 50% off – only till the end of January!

This app takes full advantage of Lollipop’s Camera2 API, and therefore requires it to be properly implemented in your Android ROM. If your device runs on Lollipop, and still the app is not compatible with it, please contact your ROM provider (e.g. Samsung, LG) and ask them why they haven’t implemented Camera2 API? So far the situation looks really bad. Only Nexus 5 works perfect. Nexus 6 is almost perfect (only white balance is not working). But the rest of manufacturers are not willing to take this effort, and therefore their devices are not compatible at all.
Manual Camera is world’s first Android camera app with FULL Manual Control:
– Manual Shutter Speed
– Manual Focus Distance
– Manual ISO
– Manual White Balance
– Manual Exposure Compensation


You start in full Auto mode. From here you can Lock each of the parameters separately, and then adjust them manually by rotating the Wheel.
Additional features:
– RAW (DNG) format
– GPS (geo tagging)
– Timer
– Gridlines
– Sounds On/Off
– Max. Screen Brightness On/Off

Have you tried this app or will you download it,if so let us know what your think.So far i like it..




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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