Dubsmash is a new app thats gained much attention of late and its easy to see why,i have had a few clips sent to me from friends but never looked into it that much partly to been too busy but i have had the chance now to have a good look at the app and the feedback its been getting and in short is that everyone loves it.

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How it works..

Well its simple ,you download the app to your compatible device and its simple to proceed from there.There is a huge array of preloaded scenarios for you to pick from such as Animals,Comedy,Horror,Cartoon,Swag,Business,Sci-Fi,Love,Food,Musicals,Parody,Action Heros,Video Games,Politicians,Sports,Names,Tv Shows.


On opening the app you can create a Dub,see your dubs,send feedback,pick a language,In Settings you can decide if you want push notifications on a daily or weekly basis or no notifications,im sure that option will never be used,you do not use an app like this not knowing what others are doing with the app.


Above is a portion of the list as mentioned earlier which is pretty impressive there is no shortage of items to pic from at all ,once in this list there is a drop down menu then hosting more to pick from so you will not fall short on being creative or funny or whatever your mood maybe there is plenty here to pick from and you will also have fun looking at what is there too..


Overall im impressed with this app and its a great idea, the fact you can share the recording to WhatsApp or facebook messenger direct from the app itself, you can also save it to your gallery and share further afield,all my samples came through Viber so we can say it works a treat..Dubstep is free to download too..

Download below.





By Jim O Brien/CEO

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