It is always fun to try out some new game which is simple yet engaging and today we bring you one such game which is simple to understand, easy to play yet lot of fun.


Pompeii Apocalypse a game developed by Bolopix and powered by Unity2D is about saving the city from being destroyed by the falling lava. The developers describe it as “REWRITE THE STORY OF THE MOST FAMOUS ANCIENT CITY IN THE WORLD (Pompeii)!” I’m sure kids are going to enjoy this one as it requires no strategy but speed.


All you have to do is, just tap on the falling lava to save the ancient city of Pompeii. Every lava stopped from hitting the city earns you valuable points. The faster you tap the better you keep scoring, tune your taps to save the city. You can share your scores with your friends on Facebook and also accept the challenge and see if your fingers are fast enough to save the city!


The game isn’t heavy & just take 18 mb of memory. So do give it a try by downloading it from here and let us know how much you managed to score.

Stay tuned for more updates and tech buzz.


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