Amid the recent news and what people say is the death of Nokia with Microsoft killing the Nokia branding on the last Nokia devices which is said to be the 730/830 which are due to hit the stores soon Nokia is not dead,far from it,remember the deal what was the conditions of this deal yes we are all aware and no need to bore you once more,time is moving fast and maybe to fast for some..

Lets be all honest Nokia has a place in everyones heart,everyone has had a Nokia device at one stage in their lives and there is many collectors just like me,which my personal collection stands at 160 or so devices,no big deal to most just happens i stuck with the brand because i liked it,just like other fanboys or other companies,and to be fair i just dont use nokia devices i use others,been a blogger and reviewer i test phones,Nokia and Android are my daily drivers..Lets also not forget Nokia networks either something now i am keenly now interested in,recently been here in Ireland NOKIA NETWORKS are very much alive..

Barry French  Executive Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Nokia today has responded to the news of what is going around the last while with this blog post lets have a read and think about it..


Barry French-32



Some of today’s press reports related to rumours about Microsoft dropping the Nokia brand have declared the death of the Nokia brand.  But, to paraphrase Mark Twain, “reports of our death are an exaggeration.”  Yes, we have sold our mobile phone business to Microsoft.  But the Nokia of today is financially robust and has moved from weakness to strength. We have one of the world’s best telecom infrastructure businesses, a global leader in the mapping and location business, a stellar intellectual property portfolio and some of the finest innovation capabilities of any company anywhere.  Remember, Nokia started almost 150 years ago with just one paper mill. Over time we have repeatedly and successfully reinvented ourselves.  We may not be the same Nokia of several years ago, but we are here, we are strong, and our brand is very much still alive. Not to mention kicking!


So its something to think about Nokia as a company is not dead far from it,its just the devices that we all love and know so well we will not see that infamous NOKIA logo on anymore.A glimmer of hope in the future perhaps ??

So as it was said to me on a certain forum, I WILL JUST LEAVE THIS HERE!  


Source via NSD VIP BOARD.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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  1. That’s one kick ass response for all the doubters ! It will indeed feel weird when the Nokia name disappears from the devices but the brand will go on and it will be very much alive everywhere thanks to their network technologies, Here suite, etc. And if I remember correctly, Nokia can’t build devices for now but will be able and allowed to in a few years so one never knows…

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