Once again we see an article dissing windows phone,this time from the journal.ie the very ones we have asked when will they produce a windows-phone application and reply with the same boring response we get from other media outlets here in ireland.

How can an OS be a success  if its not supported ? Proven that the OS is growing it seems most of the media and others alike have an issue,not only that they fail to produce apps,fail to support the OS and jump straight into the ios and android markets.

Its time they all woke up and realised that windows is the third operating system and and people like it,people want it,people want apps but no, Irish companies are not providing them. that includes the journal too,yes i am naming you because ive asked more than once,not only that,you like to splatter apple stories quite often and fail to report on windows phone.

Big example 22 October 2013,nokia and apple hold events,you flaunt the apple launch  but not one word on the Nokia lumia announcements,you where asked on twitter why,and you simply ignored it. 




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From the journal.ie

WINDOWS PHONE USERS have it tough. Developers tend to focus more on iOS and Android because there are more users there, meaning that it’s usually third in the list of developer priorities.

This means that even the biggest apps take a while to make it over, even if they’ve been on other platforms for a while.

Considering Instagram was launched on iOS in 2010, and has been on Android since April 2012, Windows Phone users have been waiting a long time for it to reach their phones, but it finally arrived last night.

Except there were a few problems.

Granted, it’s a beta version (Instagram even puts the word ‘beta’ in block caps just to get the point across) so there were always going to be flaws, but some of them were more jarring than others. The major problem was that there was no obvious way to take photos directly on the app, which led to rumours that you could only view photos on it.

Instead, the app directs you to the phone’s camera roll where you can take a snap before returning to the app where you can then apply a filter and upload. It’s a roundabout method, but the end result is the same.

A spokesperson told Business Insider that “You can add photos from your camera roll, but taking a photo with the in-app camera is not a capability as of now.”

The second is that it doesn’t allow you to record videos on the app yet, despite the app’s description saying you can. This is something that will be included in a future update as Instagram gets used to the platform, but it will be disappointing to users that they won’t be able to upload videos yet.


You can read the full article here the journal

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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  1. Yea, I got quite irked about the coverage on this, so I wrote a quick post showing people that you can indeed take pictures with instagram on my Lumina 520.

      1. Yea, saw that as well, I think the tech press in general knows very little about tech, or indeed research.

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