NFC Commander is a Windows Phone application developed give you an easy and useful way to use the NFC capability of your Windows Phone.


The app was developed exclusively for windows phone platform and is designed to seamlessly integrate the OS using the Modern (metro) UI simplistic style with focus on typography giving the user an uncluttered straight forward experience.

There are plenty of nfc enabled applications but with NFC Commander you get the most complete experience. You can think of NFC Commander as an NFC hub if you like.

The main screen of NFC Commander let you pan through the main tabs which are  : read , write , about , more.

If you want to see what’s written on a specific NFC tag, tap your phone to it and select what you want to see from the read tab. When you read a tag you can see some general information’s about it in the “tag information”, you can also see what’s really written in the tag on the “data in the tag” and if for some reason you want to see it there is option to take a look at the raw data (useful only for developers).

Now the interesting stuff, NFC Commander let you write to NFC tags actions your phone can do when you tap it to the programed tag. What’s even cooler is that most of those actions can be read/done by any nfc smartphone , windows phone or not. Obviously those who can’t be read by other smartphones are windows phone specific actions. So what can you do by taping an NFC tag?

  • send an SMS to someone
  • call someone
  • send an email to someone
  • share a location that open in Nokia maps
  • share a web link
  • share plain text
  • launch NFC Commander
  • open one of many windows phone settings
  • show gigs around me*
  • play artist mix*
  • share artist details*
  • launch Nokia Music  on nokia lumia devices

Screenshot (127)

Planed updates will allow you to create launch tags to any application.

Finally in the about tab you can get in-touch with me and let me know what feature would you like to see in the future, I’m open to all suggestion.

You can follow the developer also on twitter @JasonPap_dev .

Scan the QR CODE to download.

You can try the app or buy it for a small fee.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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