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Whether you’re on the road or parked, a commercial driver or commuter, hauling cargo or chauffeuring kids – you’re covered from all angles in all situations. With stunning, easily shareable 4K UHD resolution, Alexa built-in, and heads-up navigation, there’s no better way to protect the vehicles, drivers, passengers, and cargo you value most.

The SC 400D series combines the best tech in an easy-to-use and easy to set up dash cam, allowing you to get started smarter and safer more easily. And I have been testing this bad boy out the last while and as always say everyone should have a dashcam in fact it should be part and parcel of buying any vehicle today.

This Dash Cam can come in various configurations ie the main unit itself or two separate cameras one being rear view or cabin view also there is a cabin view option we tested this kit in the cabin view mode as my car is off the road for now and I am travelling with work so it suits and gives you an idea of what to expect.

Setting up takes a few minutes it is simple to mount it and you can route the wires around your headliner or whichever suits you best and you can also get a hardwire kit which is probably the best route to take, also this comes with an SD card which many companies leave out these days and I Know as I have tested around 50 Dash Cams now and for me is a nice sweetener as some retail outlets chance their arm with way over the top pricing here on them.

Dashcam at night driving cab view - techbuzzireland
Dashcam at night driving cab view – techbuzzireland

The App itself is one of the best I have tried on a dashcam with quick connectivity to access files on the go and drop them onto your phone I have had multiple incidents recorded and left some samples in the review but it gives you an exact map or where the incidents happen which is great with a little map of your driving at the time and you can just cut the clip on your phone to what is vital information and save it on device though it will be backed up on the dashcam itself but one thing to note is you need to keep an eye on saved clips and erase when required as it will not left you avail of the emergency record feature, you will be prompted to delete files though..

The Drive Smarter App

The Drive Smarter platform is not only powered by advanced hardware and software, it’s made possible by the community of drivers and sensors that share driving alerts. Families, rideshare and delivery drivers, and businesses are all a part of our network of people who aim to drive smarter. Below is samples of what you will find on the app plus a detailed look in the full video review below. From having tested this in both in the UK and Ireland we need more in the Irish community as you will get little notifications however in the UK it is a MUST HAVE dashcam and super effective as I drove from Holyhead to London and probably saved myself hundreds in fines not being to familiar with the camera network.


Cobra SC 400D Drive smarter App -techbuzzireland


See Every Detail In Stunning 4K

With Ultra HD 4K resolution, you’ll get 4x the pixel resolution vs 1080P, so you can see and capture every detail on your drive

Alexa Is Always Ready To Help

From playing music to navigating to finding restaurants, Alexa is ready to help answer any question or request while you’re on the road,this feature I never used on dashcams however it is there if required.

Cover All The Angles Needed

Record ahead, behind, and even inside the vehicle all at the same time so you can cover all the angles and know exactly what happened

More Than Just A Dash Cam

Get notifications of red light camera locations, speed traps, and many more alerts from our nationwide network of drivers and sensors.

Overall for me this is a MUST HAVE dashcam after tested many over the last 3 years this one is the most efficient and reliable one with no loss of data as many dashcams with their SD cards tend to get corrupted in a short space of time and for me proved to be a valuable tool at my disposal. See the video review for a deeper dive into this excellent product.


Video Review

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