Proven to support older adults with their mental health, combat loneliness and support those living with dementia, Joy for All Companion pets are the perfect gift for aging loved ones. Designed to look, sound and feel like real pets, but without the responsibility that comes along with pet ownership, the robotic  animals provide meaningful experiences for those looking for companionship.

The latest addition to the Joy for All family is the Walker Squawker, designed to sit atop a loved one’s walking frame to help encourage older adults to be more active.

Joy For All Walker Squawker – RRP £64.00 PROMO £54.99 (Black Friday deals 20th-26th)

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The latest addition to the Joy for All family, this companion pet was designed to perch playfully atop of walking devices, Walker Squawker birds aim to bring joy to every step! The bird will sense motion and sing along happily as they ”unlock” six songs. When the Walker Squawker detects that walking has stopped, it will playfully sing a “don’t forget me” song to remind its owner of its presence. Built-in sensors allow Walker Squawkers to detect light, sound, touch, and movement – making this a truly interactive companion!

Joy For All Companion Pet Cat – RRP £124.99 PROMO £104.99 (Black Friday deals 20th-26th)

Available from:

The Companion Pet Cat looks, feels and sounds like a real cat – but is so much more than soft fur, soothing purrs and pleasant meows. This beautiful cat responds to petting, hugging and motion much like the cats you know and love, plus purring technology further enhances the life-like qualities. The Companion Pet Cat is available in three colors: silver and creamy white, orange tabby, and black and white tuxedo. Batteries included.

Joy For All Companion Pet Pup – RRP £139.00 PROMO £119.99 (Black Friday deals 17th-27th)

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The Freckled Pup has a freckled muzzle, soft, thick, life-like brown and white coat, and loveable floppy ears. With revolutionary BARKBACK technology and touch-responsive movements give the Freckled Pup an authentic feel of a real-life puppy companion, recreating some of the more delightful moments of owning a dog! Soft, pettable fur inspired by real dog breeds, cutting-edge built-in sensors, and “heartbeat” give our companion pet pup lifelike responses to motion and calming touches such as petting and hugging. The Companion Pet Dog is available in two colors: freckled and golden pup. Batteries included.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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