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Concerns about home security are common, and recent data underscores their validity. In April 2023, statistics from the Irish home security company Phone Watch indicated a significant 10% increase in the number of burglaries nationwide in 2022 compared to the previous year. This rise, the first in the last five years, saw substantial increases in several counties, including Meath with a 34% increase, Mayo with 33%, Kerry with 28%, and Kildare with 26%.

Fortunately, there are various steps homeowners can take to enhance their home’s security. These measures often involve basic precautions and the services of a residential locksmith to prevent thefts by opportunistic criminals in the neighborhood. However, this article will focus on home security gadgets offering additional assurance and peace of mind, ensuring your property is more effectively protected.

Smart Lock Systems

Besides the immediate convenience of getting rid of the bulky key ring in your pocket, smart locks come with several other perks. They let you enjoy keyless door management for locking and unlocking the front door using Bluetooth on your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. By eliminating the need to use keys, you also eliminate the risks of losing, misplacing, or having the keys stolen or jammed inside the lock. 

The best smart lock systems feature auto-unlocking that lets you walk up to the front door and watch it unlock itself while adjusting the timing for the locking/unlocking.  

Best Smart Locks for Homeowners

While the August Smart Lock is one of the most popular options for several reasons, it is certainly not the only alternative available. Most of today’s smart locks can instantly turn any iOS/Android smartphone or smartwatch into a virtual key while letting you track all assigned virtual keys and know who goes in and out of the house 24/7. Research, decide which features you want your lock to have, and allocate a budget.

Best Smart Lock for Renters/Airnbnb

If you frequently rent out your home via Airbnb, opt for a coded entry smart lock to allow guests to easily get in and out with a unique code that will expire as soon as their pre-booked stay expires. The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is one of the best choices thanks to the physical buttons that work well no matter the weather conditions, the built-in fingerprint sensor, and the sneaky front face that can be easily flipped down to show the keyhole. It also supports voice control via Google Assistant and Alexa.

Smart Key Lock Mechanism 

A security gadget that works similarly to smart locks is Haven, a key lock mechanism that must be placed at the bottom of the front door to work as an obstacle that can stop unwanted entry. This gadget works with a key fob connected via Bluetooth and is made of sturdy steel and glass-reinforced aluminum and nylon. Haven can be easily integrated with other types of gadgets that are part of a Smart Home system.

Smart Video Doorbells

A video doorbell is an excellent addition to a front door that does not have a prefabricated peephole. However, this is not the only reason these gadgets are so popular today. When connected to mobile apps, they send immediate alerts or snapshots to your phone whenever someone rings the doorbell and let you communicate using two-way sound and video functions. The battery-powered devices can be installed anywhere inside and outside the house. 

Google Nest Doorbell and Arlo Essential are the best options thanks to their ability to send quick alerts, capture crisp images and sounds, and allow 24-hour recording.

Smart Indoor Cameras

These devices feature 180-degree fields of view, excellent zoom capabilities, and built-in smoke alarms on models like the Ecobee. Opt for one to closely monitor your pets, children, or family while traveling. Choose a model with motion detection that issues notifications to your smartphone in case of unwanted movement or smoke detection.

Smart Indoor Sirens and Smart Smoke Detectors

These smart alarms notify you of unusual activity or if they detect smoke inside the house. They automatically activate and deactivate themselves. Installation is a breeze, even though consulting a home locksmith could broaden your horizon significantly. Netatmo is a good option for a smart indoor siren due to the prerecorded noises it features and its easy-to-use app. Novi is an excellent smart smoke detector gadget with a motion sensor, 170-degree HD real-time camera recording, and a loud 90dB siren to deter intruders.

Final Thoughts

From home security cameras to video doorbells, these home security gadgets offer advanced features to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones. Take your pick or use a combo for optimum results.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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