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While most of us hope never to find ourselves needing legal representation, as a professional, there’s a good chance you will encounter workplace situations that call for legal guidance. Employment law is incredibly complex, which makes it tricky to manage specific workplace situations without the help of an experienced employment lawyer at HKM.com.

From unfair dismissal and dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace to understanding on-compete agreements and more, here are five times it’s in your best interest to rely on an employment lawyer. 

Review An Offer Letter And Employment Contract

If you’ve recently been offered a new job, there’s no doubt you’re thrilled to get on board to enjoy the position’s better perks and salary. However, employment contracts and offer letters can sometimes be quite deceiving. There’s often a lot of fine print and confusing terms and conditions. 

Contractual clauses like non-compete, non-disparagement, and non-solicitation are common examples of employment contract clauses that you might not fully understand. Instead of signing documentation that could later land your career in hot water, it’s best to consult an employment lawyer to review the offer letter and contract. 

Review A Severance Package

Whether you have been retrenched, unfairly dismissed, or let go from your position for any other reason, it’s crucial to consult an employment lawyer to review your severance package before you accept your employer’s offering. 

Often, severance packages don’t provide sufficient benefits and compensation to employees. So, to ensure you receive a fair severance package with rightful pay, contact a lawyer to negotiate the package with your employer. 


Blowing the whistle on illicit activity in your place of work is a delicate undertaking. Even if your employer has whistleblowing policies and procedures in place, you might be rightfully concerned about potential backlash in the form of retaliation. 

Fortunately, retaliation bothers labor laws. So, the best course of action is to consult an employment lawyer to assess the situation and guide you through the process of safely blowing the whistle on wrongdoing in your workplace. 

Negotiating Injury Compensation Payouts

Workplace injuries are prevalent in specific industries. But at the same time, injuries can occur in just about any work environment. If you have been injured at work, you are entitled to compensation and benefits that cover your medical bills and more. 

But if you don’t have the expertise of a legal professional, you might not receive the compensation you really deserve. 

Court Representation

Whether you are claiming unfair dismissal, discrimination, unfair treatment, disputing clauses, or claiming compensation, there are times when these matters may go to court. Instead of facing your employer’s legal team alone, it’s worthwhile to rely on legal representation. 

Your employment lawyer will ensure you are treated fairly throughout the process of appearing in court and after that. 

Facing workplace disputes and conflicts can be stressful. Handling things the wrong way could jeopardize your career path and reputation as a professional. Fortunately, lawyers can build and strengthen your case to protect your best interests and the future of your career. 


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