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Be it a content creator filmmaker you need lights, how many will vary and this to some extent is an overkill for me however will be used and going forward with plans will be part of the set-up and you could consider this  rather affordable start up cost for a small producer I might ad as some kits run into the thousands. This one the ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 Video Light will set you back 400 euro but it is worth the money and portable and everything comes in a cool travel case saving space time and keeps all the kit in one place.

Probably an overkill for me however the light output is fantastic as you will see in the video demo below and alongside the app makes it simple to use and it can certainly give you the light required to focus on a subject or area, the app allows you to control the lights as well as the controls on the device itself which for me is a better option so the light can be placed anywhere and for the user standing back away from it can get a better idea of the brightness situation rather than being behind it which gives you a better look from both perspectives.

There are two fans on the device and yes it can be warm around it,these fans are silent more or less and emit no noise which is important for most using this I would imagine having such a big output,  The ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 boasts a peak output of up to 200W under normal usage, with a one-press MAX Extreme mode that delivers a staggering peak output of up to 300W.

Three modes for professional scenes

Normal mode: Simply turn on the light using the conventional switch.
Live mode: Automatically turns on as soon as it’s powered on. You can sync multiple lights with a single power source.

Music mode: The built-in radio port flashes synchronously according to the ambient sound volume.

The App

The ZY Vega App supports Bluetooth Mesh networking, allowing for remote dimming and quick switching of presets. Achieving professional lighting on any film set or studio is effortless and convenient.



Powerful, steadfast illumination

At peak brightness, G200 offers: 9460 Lux (without reflector); 61500 Lux with ZHIYUN’s standard reflector (at 1m). In MAX Extreme mode it offers: 13800 Lux (1m, without standard reflector) 85800 Lux (1m, with ZHIYUN standard reflector). CCT (colour correlated temperature) range is excellent: 2700K – 6500K. A colour rendering index (CRI) of ≥95 and a television light consistency index (TLCI) of ≥97 make for accurate rendition of the subject’s colours.

Three lighting modes = exciting visual experiences 

In normal mode, you can turn on the light and adjust the brightness to your desired level. Live mode automatically turns on as soon as it’s powered on. Music mode syncs your lighting with music beats to create a dynamic and immersive experience for your audience.

Accessories and apps for full creative control

The G200 comes with a stand with 180° flexibility: the stand’s 180° adjustable arm and full-range rotation capabilities, making it easy to adapt to any setting. The stand has a universal lighting umbrella slot for added convenience. The G200 is compatible with the Bowens mount accessories by ZHIYUN and other Bowens accessories. In addition, ZHIYUN’s ZY Vega app: supports Bluetooth Mesh networking, allowing for remote dimming and quick switching between presets, allowing for professional lighting results on any film set or studio.

• One-press MAX Extreme Mode for 300W Peak Output
• DynaVort Cooling System™
• 180° flexible support for full adjustment
• Easily equipped with a variety of light control accessories
• Three Modes for professional scenes:Normal mode, Live mode, Music mode


Video Review

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