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You went to the casino the other night and enjoyed a night out with friends while you all played black roulette. You happened to win the most from the group and now you are worried that you need to declare this amount for taxes. 

In today’s article, we will go through the legislations relating to gambling and tell you how much you need to pay in Ireland and the United Kingdom. In some countries, the winnings are taxable, while in others they are not. So, let’s find out!

Gaming Legislation in Ireland

Ireland has regulated the gaming industry with laws and amendments that were approved and updated throughout the years. For instance, betting is regulated by the Act of Betting that was approved back in 1931. In addition to that, the most recent legislation that was agreed upon in betting was that of 2015, which aimed to cover contexts that were previously missing. 

Similar to that, gaming and lottery has an old act of law that was present ever since 1951, and an updated one that came out more recently in 2019. These laws mainly solved the issues on who gets a license on opening up a business related to any type of gaming. It was decided that individuals or companies get to apply for licenses, which might be approved or disapproved based on the criteria. 

Are winnings taxed in Ireland? 

No, winnings are not taxed in Ireland because of the many rules and regulations that cover the whole gaming system. The recent legislations that were introduced previously have decided that taxes are only to be paid by the operator, be it an online casino or a physical location, and not the players or potential winners. This is of course great news for the gambling community in Ireland.

Though despite this, there are separate legislations that may apply to those who treat gambling and casinos as more than entertainment or pastime. These individuals are sometimes referred to as professional gamblers, due to a large portion of their income being generated through various games. 

There are several examples of these types of players throughout history, perhaps the most famous being the case of Archie Karas, a man who profited millions of dollars in the risky gambling industry, while starting at almost the rock bottom. 

Of course, the story is of Archie is far from the average casino customer experience, which correlates to no taxation for an amateur gambler. The industry is complex enough as it is, without the worry of splitting potential revenue. 

There are games such as blackjack or poker that do require a decent amount of skill to compete and succeed. Even in cases of pure RNG or luck, an example being a slot machine system in both its online and physical formats, the taxation would detract from the overall customer experience, which is exactly why a lot of casinos don’t implement it.

This way, you can go ahead and play online slots, take the money and then use it to your own need, without having to report about it or think how much it would be left after taxes. This is without doubt a great feeling for the players which could also serve as motivation for them on this journey. 

After all, when discussing slots in particular, the appeal has always been high profit while working against extremely overbearing odds. The high-risk high-reward RNG system is a huge part of the customer interest, and this system is better off without reduced potential earnings. 

Gaming Legislation in the UK

UK has a similar legislation structure to that of Ireland which we presented earlier in this article. The United Kingdom approved its Gambling Act back in 2005, where a lot of issues regarding gaming were regulated and solved. This law is valid for all the three states of Wales, Scotland and England. Excluded from this law is the Northern Ireland, which has its own laws and regulations on gaming.

It should be noted that gaming industry has many rules and measures to follow when operating in the United Kingdom. For instance, there is an Act for the National Lottery which was introduced back in 1993 and which states that only one person can get the license to run the National Lottery based on the Director General decision. 

Are winnings taxed in the UK?

We have a positive answer on whether casinos winnings are taxable in the UK. So, the short answer is, no, you don’t have to pay taxes, no matter the amount that you put in to play, or the amount that you win at the end of the day. 

That being said, it has been noted that quite a lot of people come to the UK to gamble because of this tax-free situation, which in the long run benefits the country since it brings tourists who stay and enjoy the country. 

The situation is however different when it comes to business holders. There are various rules to be observed if one is interested in opening up a casino business in the UK, including primarily licensing. 

If you are thinking about investing in a casino business of any kind of gaming, then we suggest you consult the laws since there are rules, measures and exceptions in all Acts.

Should casino winnings be taxed?

Casino success and casino security has made it possible for this business to flourish worldwide. This has contributed into the popularity of the gaming industry but has also caused a stir in discussing different topics. One of the most prominent discussion is on whether people who win at casinos should return some of their profit in tax. 

While we agree that businesses need to pay their part in taxes because they operate just like any other business, casino winners should be exempted from tax. Needless to say, most of the countries seem to agree with this opinion, as they don’t really tax any of the players for their winnings. 

That being said, go ahead and win as much money as you can from casinos. And of course, enjoy them just as much because hey, on top of everything, this is a tax-free earning!

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