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ZHIYUN has been part of our review channel for some years now with their equipment that we use on a daily basis and we have some other products in for review from them so stay tuned for those coming soon, today we are here to talk about the FIVERAY V60 light wand combo pack which gives you control over the tone you need for the subject you will be focussing on.

This is a less expensive version of similar lights we have reviewed such as the FIVERAY F100 stick light and the FR100C light stick which are also great tools to have at your disposal which cater in other ways compared to this one and it is great to see that the company does offer different solutions for different needs. Both those previous models had colour options as you will see in the reviews and had some cool features.

This model is less complicated to use and again portable or can be placed on a tripod to set the tone, you could use two or more of these in a scene or just one like what we will be basing our review on which is plenty for now in my set up.

If you do plan to use a tripod and want it vertical you will need a strong one as it will be top heavy

Once set up this is simple to use, really simple you have two dials to adjust your needs as you will see in the video below, this for me is ideal to focus on one point but others may be more useful in certain settings, this not only provides multiple light modes but also music modes too. See the video for a hands on look at what to expect.


• Compact and portable design, only 1.96lb
• True-to-life colors, CRI≧96
• MAX mode 100W, fill light wherever
• Use while charging, easy charging with DC/PD adapter
• Multiple light effects & music modes, ideal ambiance created instantly


Video Review

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