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The Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC Premium BT Headset might be a pricey headset for most but if you are one who works in an office or works from home it makes sense and it makes sense to be pricey if you want the best in the game. I have tested some older models before and people snubbed the idea these type of headphones can be used for both work and general wearing and when they tried them on they quickly changed their tune on the matter and this is due to the quality of sound and most importantly voice for calls and teams chats and so one, one thing that is clear with these is how good voice sounds no matter what instance you use them in.

The headphones are also comfortable to wear for hours on end which is great and again important for those who would wear them.

There is no boom on these which I prefer with such headphones and these still do a superb jobs on phone calls alone and of course your teams meetings and so on, there is a busy light on these too to let others know you are in fact busy when you are on either which for me is great and stops people annoying you, I hate those who tap you on the shoulder trying to get your attention but this still happens sometimes for those not in the know.

Controls are great which is done with gestures which I am now a fan of after testing several pairs of headphones recently with the same approach and going forward I would like to see this more common than it is today with any headphones.

The sound quality is excellent all round here but voice is what stands out for me on these overall on your teams and phones calls I have never had a pair of headphones that sound so good in this area in particular it is outstanding, and for music they are also great which makes for a great pair of hybrid headphones. On the music front they are fine with all genres highs lows and mids and there is an EQ app but not so much for music but more control over their target demographic.

All round though the sound is impressive they are comfortable and easy to use with apps for all to take even more control to make them your own in what setting you use these in, they are expensive but for me and what they do they are worth every penny and a go to if you work from your office or home like me especially with two devices connected it is a seamless operation and a no brainer choice of headphones to own. Check the video review for more.

The App


  • Adaptive ANC and over-the-ear design
  • 6 microphones for clear transmit audio
  • Up to 21 hours of talk time
  • Intuitive touch controls for calls and music


Video Review

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