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RoEx, an innovative music tech startup was born to simplify technology for creative minds. RoEx has its roots in academia, born out of a PhD project at the intersection of Music and Machine Learning, with Queen Mary University of London. Under the leadership of David Ronan, RoEx’s mission is to revolutionise the process of audio production, thereby democratising music creation for up-and-coming artists.

RoEx’s mission is embodied in its newest groundbreaking product, Automix, a game-changing tool that brings AI-powered mixing to the forefront of music production.

At its core, Automix simplifies and enhances the intricate processes of music production. With an intuitive interface and user-friendly controls, it empowers musicians, producers and content creators, of all skill levels, to achieve professional-grade results quickly. By leveraging the power of AI, Automix optimises elements such as balance, EQ, compression, and spatialisation to deliver polished, studio-quality audio that meets industry standards.

David Ronan, RoEx CEO comments: “Just as Instagram transformed photography by making filters universally accessible, we aspire to revolutionise the world of music production. We recognise the modern musician’s desire for professional sound without the intimidating complexities of compressors, EQ settings, or the necessity for costly studios and intricate plugins. Our mission is to make top-tier production quality both accessible and efficient for all creatives, without any barriers.”

Image: RoEx CEO – David Ronan

This innovative solution allows producers and content creators to upload tracks they’ve home-recorded and transform them into professionally finished pieces, within minutes. With Automix, users can elevate their content, delivering continuous value at an unprecedented level. RoEx aspires to shoulder the technical aspects of music production, allowing artists to concentrate on their creativity. In essence, RoEx is the realisation of a vision to foster creativity, through groundbreaking technology.

“Looking to the future, we envisage our technology integrating seamlessly with various DAWs, whether they are traditional desktop systems or emerging cloud-based platforms. While the exact roadmap is still unfolding, our direction is unwavering: to democratise professional music creation, making it accessible and intuitive for all,” continues Ronan.

This innovative venture brought together CEO, David Ronan, alongside Professor Josh Reiss, Founder of LANDR. Their mission took its initial step with the launch of Mix Check Studio, a free AI tool created to identify mixing issues and offer improvement suggestions. Renowned Mix and Mastering Engineer Rich Keller, with 47 Platinum and 7 Grammy Nominations, shared his thoughts: ‘With tools like Mix Check Studio and Automix, RoEx is at the forefront of the AI audio processing revolution. I can only imagine the platform’s growing capabilities as it evolves. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a bedroom songwriter, RoEx is poised to redefine your workflow and help you achieve your sonic aspirations.”

The foundation of RoEx on mixing systems was rooted in pioneering research and is currently in the patenting process. While they offer an additional mastering service, its primary aim is to enhance the exceptional quality achieved through their AI-driven mixing system.

“Our unique focus on mixing, as opposed to just mastering, allows us to address a more intricate challenge – handling multiple input tracks as opposed to the single-track input nature of mastering. We take pride in leading the industry forward as the first to introduce a comprehensive AI mixing system to the market. RoEx’s Automix permits the concurrent mixing of up to eight tracks and even provides parallel mixing capabilities, with no restrictions. This feature facilitates users to mix an unlimited number of tracks using subgroups, an offering that remains unmatched in the industry,” concludes David Ronan, CEO of RoEx.

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