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TP-Link, a leading provider of reliable smart home devices, has today announced the UK launch of its Matter-compatible, energy-monitoring smart plug, the Tapo P110M. This smart plug is compatible with all certified smart home platforms, such as Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings.

Harmonising the smart home

Tapo is one of the first brands to obtain the Matter 1.0 certification and the root certificate issued by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). With the introduction of Tapo P110M, TP-Link is promoting the practical application of the Matter protocol, enabling users to adopt, and benefit from, a more seamless smart home experience. Users simply need to scan the provided QR code on their smartphones and the Tapo P110M will be automatically configured to their home network for complete integration, right out of the box.

Tapo supports various flexible controls, including remote, voice and local.  Now, with the Matter protocol, all Matter-certified devices in a user’s local area network (LAN) are accessible through the Tapo app even if their home goes offline.

Intelligent and energy-efficient

Tapo P110M’s standout feature is its energy monitoring ability. This smart plug provides detailed insight into appliance power usage via clear data visualisation on the Tapo app, meaning users can track exactly how much energy a connected appliance uses and apply this data to calculate energy bills. For any power-hungry ‘vampire’ devices, Tapo P110M can schedule usage for off-peak hours, conserving electricity.

For complete control of smart home technologies, users can also schedule an advanced Auto-Off Timer, which automatically shuts off connected devices if the Tapo Matter plug remains on for a specified duration. Further smart features, such as away mode, and smart actions like setting sleep times and ‘arrive home’ times, are also supported in the Tapo app.

Into the Matter-verse

With the addition of Tapo P110M, TP-Link is reinforcing its dedication to improving the user experience with further upcoming Matter-certified launches later this year including smart bulbs and smart switches.

To find out more about TP-Link’s Matter compatibility, click here.

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