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The Sharp XParty Street Beat (PS-949) is a large speaker that can get several jobs done at once and ideal for street parties and more hence the name and it is still portable too, given that it is not too heavy but it comes ready to move like a suitcase either way which is really handy. This is one of the biggest speakers I have checked out recently and it certainly makes a statement when it comes to sound let me tell you, if like me you have neighbours playing all kinds of rubbish on their tinny sounding speakers this one just comes out and takes over them all.

What is also cool with this is the lighting effects on it so it is no one trick pony and to add to it there is a mic built in and not is only that loud the speaker is loud and comes with some cool presets too which is ideal for the street party or if you fancy doing a bit of dj work and so on.

The speaker is well built and has several inputs and outputs on it too which is covered by a rubber flap on the rear, this is where you plug in the mic and it also has two USB – A ports and a regular 3.5mm socket, you can connect your device that way or via Bluetooth which is how I used it and is probably the best way, not only that you have an app to go with it which matches the top deck which is super cool and makes life much easier if you are in control of the speaker.

The controls are simple to use and laid out nicely on top with a disc type wheel for volume etc,, this gives you the real dj effect which I am not by any stretch but it is fun to use and the controls again straight forward and it is easy to switch between modes and sounds. Also up to is a spot to rest your phone or tablet.

The sound is excellent from this speaker and being big gives you big sound, the bass is excellent and the EQ settings are also excellent with a notable difference between them unlike other speakers I have tested asides the sound the light show it emits is also great which takes the boring effect from a speaker with no RGB effects, there was also no lag latency noted on this speaker and it certainly packs a punch when it comes to banging out the tracks and dwarfs most home speakers your neighbours might have.

Finally there is also around 13 hours of battery life so no matter where you go with it you have power on the go and it will last the day and you can charge your mobile phone with it too should you run low on juice.

The App


Check the full video review below for more and see how it works and most importantly how it sounds, you will take over any party in the home, back garden or street with this one.


Video Review

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