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Kevin is a different approach to home security and we mean different, on the face of it this looks like a bluetooth speaker and on the rear it looks like a lamp, In the real world it can also be used as a speaker and a lamp but the primary purpose of it is to secure your home and it also uses those features to secure it, this is a pretty clever idea and nobody would know the difference unless you told them because the light effects part faces the wall and the front speaker part faces out so it is best to say nothing here.

This is a simple plug in and play device from Mitipi that takes 5 mins or so to set up fully with all the customising involved which is not much however this only protects the room it is in so to speak so if you have one leave it downstairs, again you could leave it upstairs but in my opinion downstairs is best but you can add more to the set up if you like which is good and again they will all do the same thing from how you set it up which we go through in the video below.

Kevin comes with preset sounds or you can record your own which is fun but it is best you use the ones installed as the fun ones you could make would not be taken to seriously I dont think from clever burglars who these days do reconnaissance on houses or businesses and know who is in or out and at a given time, we show you these again below in the video and see the app screenshots.

So what does Kevin actually do then. KEVIN simulates your presence with different light scenarios projected through the device

KEVIN simulates your movements with different visual and shadow effects projected for one or more people KEVIN also  simulates your activities different sounds such as cleaning, cooking, discussions and playing.

The App 


Overall KEVIN is a simple plug in and go security system which works well and takes a different approach over traditional security measures and sits there in your house not looking suspicious it also doubles a a side lamp and a bluetooth speaker which makes it more useful than you think.  Check out the full video review below for all the details.


Video Review

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