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Charge 6 helps you stay on track with your goals, thanks to advanced health sensors that, combined with a new machine learning algorithm, bring you our most accurate heart rate tracking on a Fitbit tracker yet, and the ability to connect to compatible gym equipment and fitness apps to see your real-time heart rate during workouts. Plus, it’s helpful when you’re on the go with its new haptic side button, 7 days of battery life, and the ability to do even more right from your wrist — like control YouTube Music and use Google Maps and Wallet.

Here’s a look at all the ways the Fitbit Charge 6 can take your health and fitness up a notch.

Take a beat with improved heart rate tracking

Charge 6 debuts the most accurate heart rate on a Fitbit tracker yet, thanks to an improved machine learning algorithm that brings over innovation from the Pixel Watch and has been optimized for a tracker. Heart rate tracking during vigorous activities — like HIIT workouts, spinning and rowing — is up to 60% more accurate than before, giving you added confidence in your health stats. Better heart rate accuracy means even more precise readings for you — from calories and Active Zone Minutes to your Daily Readiness Score and Sleep Score. You can still assess your heart rhythm for atrial fibrillation on-wrist with the ECG app, and get high and low heart rate notifications, keeping your beat in check at all times.


Man wearing a backwards hat and sunglasses fist bumps another person, both wearing a Charge 6

Man wearing an orange shirt does Russian Twist ab exercises while holding a weight and wearing a Charge 6

See your live heart-pumping progress and connect to fitness apps and machines

Connect your Charge 6 to compatible exercise apps and machines to stay motivated at home or the gym. Easily and securely connect to compatible exercise equipment with encrypted Bluetooth — from NordicTrack, Peloton, Concept2 and Tonal — to see your real-time heart rate displayed live during a workout. You can also connect to see your real-time heart rate within popular Android and iOS phone or tablet fitness apps such as Peloton.


Woman streams her real-time heart rate from Charge 6 in Coral to the screen of a stationary NordicTrack rower. 

Fuel your fitness routine with more ways to track workouts and stay motivated

With even more personalized ways to track and stay motivated during workouts, you’re sure to get your movement in. Choose from more than 40 exercise modes — including 20 new options like HIIT, strength training and snowboarding— to get important workout stats. Need to track an outdoor workout? Leave your compatible phone at home thanks to Charge 6’s built-in GPS that allows you to easily track your distance.

With YouTube Music controls On Charge 6, you can be the DJ of your workouts as you start, stop and skip over 100 million songs right from your wrist. When you want to change things up, YouTube Music Premium can also recommend workout mixes based on your exercise.


Woman in a wheelchair plays pickleball while wearing Charge 6 with a sport band.

Bring the helpful tools you need, on-the-go

For the first time, we’re bringing helpful Google tools to a tracker. Charge 6 will have Google Maps and Google Wallet, making it convenient to go from workouts to errands and everywhere in between. Navigate on the go using Google Maps to get turn-by-turn directions right on your wrist, or grab a post-workout snack using Google Wallet to make contactless payments. With just the right smarts you need for your daily routine, it’s never been easier to explore a new running route and quickly tap to pay for a recovery smoothie on the way home.

Charge 6 also features our first Accessibility feature on a Fitbit device with Zoom + Magnification. With just a couple of taps anywhere on the screen, you can magnify on-screen words if it’s difficult to read small text or you prefer a larger font.


Biker pays using Google Wallet on their Charge 6 in Coral. 

Make sense of your wellbeing

Charge 6 health and wellness features are built from Fitbit’s advanced sensors that power in-depth insights. Here are some of the ways it helps you keep tabs on your health:

  • Wake up to your Sleep Score each morning to assess how well you slept based on the time you’re in different sleep stages, your heart rate while sleeping, how restless you were and more.

  • Manage your stress with an electrodermal activity (EDA) scan to measure your body’s physical responses in the moment and get actionable guidance on how to manage your stress. Check your Stress Management Score to see how well your body is handling stress and make a plan for the day.

  • Access other health metrics like blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate variability, breathing rate and more.

  • With six months of Fitbit Premium included, you can access thousands of workout sessions like HIIT, cycling, dance cardio and more, as well as a range of mindfulness sessions.

  • The all-new Fitbit app helps you focus on your goals and understand the metrics that matter to you like Daily Readiness Score, a Premium feature that helps you understand your body’s readiness to tackle a tough workout or take a day to recover, with daily activity recommendations based on your score.


Daily Readiness Score in the newly redesigned Fitbit app. 

Ready to get that Fitbit feeling? Beginning today, you can pre-order Charge 6 online for $159.95 at the Google or select global retailers with worldwide availability coming later this fall. It comes in three color options: Obsidian, Porcelain and Coral. There are also new accessories to fit your style for any occasion available on — whether you’re getting the new Charge 6 or want to freshen up another Fitbit device. Check out the Ocean woven band and Hazel sport band for Charge 6 and Charge 5; a Desert Tan leather and Ocean woven sport band for Fitbit smartwatches; and translucent bands and a matte black stainless steel mesh band for Inspire 3.

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