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There is no shortage of printers out there however most are big and cumbersome and can be challenging for some with the tech packed into some of them these days. This printer however is small neat and portable meaning you can bring it with you if required and can be moved from room to room.

The build quality is also good and it is simple to use and you can use your mobile phone too if you wish which is my preferred method for doing labels and printing items from. Over the years I have been using HP printers and one of the most popular ones being the HP Deskjet 2720e and serves me well and again I print off material via my smartphones as this is where I print all my docs from and always have so the same will apply to this printer but it works on all platforms and is more aimed at shipping labels but you can print of other things is you wish to do so which makes it handy.

Set up takes a few mins and you are good to go, we will show the app and how it works in the video review below but once set up it can print anything on your phone if you wish to do so, it is super fast in comparison to other printers I have used in the pat including the current one and there is plenty of templates and settings at your fingertips to get done what needs doing.

Overall this is a really great product if you are in need of shipping labels fast or you have a business that requires labels printed regularly, this can also save you time and money in the long run and is a worthy investment and not expensive to purchase it will also work with regular shipping labels you can but at any stationary stores. Best of all no ink is required.

How to use PL70E Bluetooth Shipping Desktop Label Printer via Phone?

Step 1: Scan to install “Shipping Printer Pro” APP

Step 2: Allow APP access and open “Bluetooth”, “Location”

Step 3: Tap “Not connected” and connect printer

Step 4: Tap “File”

Step 5: Select file

Step 6: Tap “More settings” to adjust density

Step 7: Tap print icon to print

If received files from other app, open with “Shipping Printer Pro” app.


The App



1 – Two Printing Methods – via Bluetooth and USB Cable

2 – High Speed & Quality – 150mm/s; 72 Labels/min; 203 DPI

3 – Support for Multi-Size: 1.57″ – 4.1″ (40-104mm) Wide

4 – Wide Application


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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