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VMR claims the global web scraping software sector is growing by over 14% annually today. Analysts explain such an active development because data extraction apps deliver plenty of advantages to their users. This is particularly fair for business owners. That’s because web scraping service use allows for saving time and effort. Also, such bots enable you to reduce your corporate expenses. Finally, data collection apps may essentially increase one’s company’s productivity. But now, let’s clarify what kinds of businesses employ the described software the most.

What Types of Industries Do Actively Use Web Scraping Services?

Primarily, sales enterprises should be noted. Such firms employ data extraction applications to achieve the following purposes:

  • searching for new clients;
  • looking for the best suppliers;
  • seeking new items to add to their ranges;
  • tracking ongoing customer preferences.

Additionally, sales companies look for detailed descriptions of innovative products using web scraping bots. This helps decide if a certain new item is attractive to one’s targeted audience.

Web Scraping Service Use in the Insurance Industry

Here, experts note the subsequent use cases for data extraction apps:

  1. Tracking the most significant social, criminal, and healthcare problems in particular areas. This assists in coming up with more relevant offers for clients from certain regions.
  2. Monitoring the financial capabilities of people and the cost of living in specific areas. Such an approach helps assign reasonable prices for insurance services.
  3. Looking for places to launch new company branches. Web scraping software allows for detecting all the competitors in certain regions, the types of policies offered by the rivals, the average price for insurance services, etc. This enables insurers to evaluate their firms’ prospects in particular areas.

Typically, insurance companies are forced to collect information from public registers, open government databases, and so on. Such activities may not be allowed in specific areas. So, it’s better to consult with skilled specialists (e.g., from Nannostomus) before extracting data from the mentioned online platforms.

Tourist Sector Also Uses Info Mining Applications Actively

Travel enterprises usually have to process loads of information to offer their clients exciting yet safe trips at favorable prices. That’s why they employ web scraping software to simplify their work. For example, tourist firms perform the following operations using the mentioned apps:

  1. Searching for hotel pricing and reviews. This allows you to provide your clients with inexpensive yet good living conditions as part of their tourist trips.
  2. Checking the current level of security in particular countries. Using web scraping applications, you may get the latest detailed info on crimes, natural disasters, etc., in certain states from reliable sources.
  3. Seeking information about foreign cultures. Occasionally, one’s safety depends on their knowledge of the traditions of the countries they’re resting in. By employing data collection software, you may quickly view the critical cultural features of specific states and notify your clients about such peculiarities.

Lastly, one can find new exotic tourist destinations by collecting online data.

Companies of What Size Are Better to Use Web Scraping Services?

That doesn’t matter because data extraction apps suit any size firm. For instance, the described applications help startups significantly reduce the probability of being crushed soon. They also assist small companies in developing faster.

Middle-sized firms may better deal with constantly increasing analytical loads by collecting data. Finally, large enterprises can use web scraping bots to improve their international promotional campaigns. You may find more info on this theme in topical blogs (e.g., at nannostomus.com).

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