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Workhuman®, the company revolutionising the way employees celebrate, connect with and appreciate each other in the workplace, today, on World Gratitude Day, announces the results of its latest Human Workplace Index. The new research found that almost one-in-six full-time employees admit to feeling awkward about giving gratitude, while 15% say they don’t always know how to show it.

The survey of 555 full-time employees in Ireland was commissioned by Workhuman and conducted by Pollfish to gain insights into gratitude in the workplace. The research, conducted in September 2023, found that 49% of workplaces are celebrating World Gratitude Day today and 71% of employees say they work in an environment where showing gratitude is highly valued.

Workhuman’s survey found that it is employees’ peers, rather than managers, who are most likely to dish out kudos. In fact, some 20% of employees say that they have not been thanked by their boss in a month or more. Workhuman’s research found that 41% of employees say they are most likely to receive gratitude from their peers, while 29% say their boss is the most likely person to show appreciation. Just 10% of employees say members of the C-Suite show the most gratitude at work.

When asked why they themselves might avoid showing gratitude to someone else in their workplace, 25% of employees say that for gratitude to be meaningful, it shouldn’t be given too frequently. However, Workhuman’s research indicates that gratitude is highly valued by employees and 23% of full-time employees (479,320 people*) admit to having left a job due to a lack of gratitude. Meanwhile, 33% would be willing to leave a current or future role if gratitude wasn’t shown.

The Human Workplace Index found that being shown appreciation at work has many positive impacts on employees’ attitudes to their job. Among the positive impacts, 59% said it makes them more likely to go the extra mile for colleagues, 57% say it makes them more eager to work in-person with their colleagues, and 49% say it makes them want to show gratitude to others.

In recognition of the positive impact of appreciation, the majority of employees say that monetary and non-monetary rewards have either increased or stayed the same in their workplace. Monetary rewards, such as salary raises and bonuses, have increased for 32% of employees and stayed the same for 55%. Similarly, non-monetary rewards, such as shout-outs and verbal praise, have increased for 29% of employees and stayed the same for 58%.

Workhuman’s survey found that workplaces in Ireland are more likely to celebrate World Gratitude than those in the US, with just 27% of workplaces celebrating it there, versus 49% in Ireland. In fact, employees in Ireland are so keen to celebrate World Gratitude Day in their workplace that 35% would ditch Valentine’s Day workplace celebrations over it, 31% would do away with Halloween and 30% would even scrap Christmas.

Niamh Graham, SVP Global Human Experience, Workhuman, said: “We all dedicate a huge proportion of our lives to work, so we want to be treated like it means something. It is encouraging to see that the majority of organisations value the power of appreciation and that World Gratitude Day is being celebrated by so many today.

“Gratitude brings people together and it is evidently something that is cherished by employees. This World Gratitude Day, I encourage business leaders to reflect on your workplace culture and ensure that you are creating an environment that makes saying ‘thank you’ easy and second nature to your employees. After all, where would we be without the humans in our workplaces – they cultivate and nurture culture and workplace experience, and showing them gratitude should be a key practice throughout your organisation.”

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