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Anyone looking for a new oven for their kitchen should consider a Series 8 oven from Bosch.

Create flavoursome dishes in your oven

Steam cooking up to 120°C is possible with the Series 8 ovens. The clever combination of hot air and steam prepares, for example, potatoes, beet or beans faster than with classic steam cooking. In addition, up to 54 percent more nutrients and up to 25 percent more vitamin C are retained. Steam cooking leads to a perfect taste experience in every respect and saves time at the same time. In addition, the Air Fry function is part of the basic equipment of all Series 8 ovens – this means that foods that previously required a lot of fat in preparation can now be crispy and aromatic even with little fat. Simply place the prepared food on the specially developed Air Fry and grill tray, select the Air Fry function and enter the desired temperature. The oven does the rest.

The perfect cake at the touch of a button

Whether cake, muffin or quiche – in addition to a delicious taste, the right consistency is also an important criterion. Thanks to PerfectBake Baking Sensor Plus in the Series 8 ovens, this is easy to achieve. For example, “cake in shape” can be selected in the display and the oven does the rest on its own. This means that there is no longer any need to worry about the heating mode, temperature or baking time. The highly sensitive sensor continuously measures the moisture content in the oven and switches off automatically as soon as the cake is perfect. Thanks to artificial Intelligence, the oven tells you how many minutes the kitchens still need.

Smart assistance from the app

Anyone who links their Series 8 oven to the Home Connect app benefits from practical options. The oven assistant quickly and easily finds the right program for many dishes – matching the functions of the new oven. And it does so both in the Home Connect app and via Alexa voice control. In addition, the associated settings on the oven can be started directly from the diverse recipes in the app with one click. In the meantime, you can monitor and control the baking process in the app if you want to move on to the next course.

Premium design and operation

These premium ovens also set standards when it comes to convenience and design: they feature an eye-catching large TFT Touch Display and grooved Digital Control Ring. Together, these two features are an extremely simple and intuitive way of operating the appliance. They enable you to fully maximize the potential of the premium models: all the available appliance functions can be selected using the Control Ring, while the TFT Touch Display continually provides a perfect overview of which function is currently active. There’s no need to worry about fingerprints: Both the all-glass surface of the display and the control ring can be easily cleaned with a wipe.

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