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With the expansion of the online casino industry, the competition is fiercer than before. Casino operators are trying their best to attract more audiences to their sites. One factor that plays a part in attracting the right audience is the theme of the site and games.

Game developers are now creating more recognisable games. Casinos are putting in more money for expansion, and they want their money’s worth when it comes to game and site development.

Choosing the Right Design

When casino owners design their site, they don’t just put together something meaningless. They want something that their demographic will relate to. If you’re trying to get more customers to your site, you want them to have a good experience. For example, most of the best online roulette UK sites will have a theme that the gamers will relate to.

Different Looks

Online casinos are now made to look different and attractive because they want the customers to stay on their site. You will see pretty graphics and attractive bonuses flashing on the screen. It’s like a live show put up for each visitor. You also get fancy roulette tables or attractive poker cards. This adds to the overall customer experience.


Unlike traditional sites, where customers are given time to process information and make a buying decision, online casinos must be aggressive. You will see CTAs in every corner of the site, encouraging you to click on a game and begin playing right away. In most cases, you will even see a countdown clock asking you to make a deposit before time runs out. These are marketing strategies to get customers to visit the site. As mentioned above, designers choose a theme that resonates with the target audience.

The Right Colors

Apart from the theme, designers also take their time to decide on the colours on the site. Most of them pick vibrant colours, such as orange and green, as this helps influence user behaviour. Bright colours are known to ooze openness, and blues help build trust.

Some sites also use black as the base colour as they allow the other colours to jump out on the screen. Black also represents the night and gives users the feeling they’re playing casino games late into the night. This is also the atmosphere created in most land-based casinos. Customers are not made aware of whether it’s day or night outside, and they lose track of time.

The Right Atmosphere

Lastly, online casino designers pick a theme based on the atmosphere they’re trying to create. It should reflect the operator’s brand identity. Some brands prefer a retro design, while others want something larger than life.

Irrespective of the theme, one common factor for most online casinos is personalising the user experience. Most casinos would have the user history once they register. They can then suggest games based on their history. If it’s a first-time user, games would be suggested based on their birthday or even the state they live in. These are small things but go a long way in enhancing the user experience.


Picking a suitable theme may seem trivial, but it plays a crucial part in getting more customers to the site. It’s all about knowing what the customers expect and delivering something larger than life.

Most operators try their best to get maximum users to their site, and this shows in their marketing initiatives. From connecting with customers on social media to email marketing strategies, they come out all guns blazing. However, all this would be irrelevant if the right theme is not applied. Casino operators take their time and understand what the customer wants before implementing a theme. It’s not something that can be changed hourly, so a lot of research goes into it.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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