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The Creative ZEN AIR DOT are the companies most affordable earbuds to date and come in a very small package overall and I have been testing these little guys out some time now and we are about to discuss what they have and what they do not have, when it comes to earbuds these days the cost to performance ratio is getting better and these come in at just 30 euro..

So do you get value for your 30 euro or are they fit for the bin? Well at this price there is obviously going to be things omitted from these earbuds but its down to the audio experience for most people these days and some like to have a certain level of functionality and for the price these will keep those people happy.

Remember now the price. So what is missing. No app access, no wireless charging, no auto play/pause, no option to each side when one is charging bar the left side, though to be fair this is common even on high end earbuds but just pointing this out and there is no volume control and the battery life is on the low side up to 24 hr hours depending on how you like your volume levels but again remember the price..

Creative ZEN AIR DOT true wireless – techbuzzireland

What do they have then.  Call controls skip and reverse tracks, voice assistant access and reset options are all present which is enough and we have got large drivers for small earbuds and dual mics so is that enough for your 30 euro?

They are small earbuds so sleep and fit well in the ears and look good, the case is tiny and fits in any pocket and overall in general one of the smallest cases this year so far and earbuds with a tiny stem that sport touch controls that worked really well for me on my testing. For calls these are surprisingly good for what you pay here with ENC built in and calls can be controlled easily on them too.

How they sound though given they have custom tuned neodymium drivers  is what is important and having no app access at this time they are quite loud and super punchy, we have no EQ to deal with unless you have a third party app on your phone which most are utter rubbish but this is a pair of earbuds that just get the job done out of the box and no fiddling around with and give a pretty decent audio experience, they are not bassy not flat not sound tinny or distort on maxed out volumes and in general will keep most people who are not fussy happy and for the price what more do you really want.


Environmental Noise Cancellation

Dual Microphones

Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity

IPX4 rating

13 mm Neodymium drivers


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