Drones are rapidly gaining in popularity because they are some of the most exciting tech that you can find in the video world today. They have the ability to capture aerial footage as well as perform tasks that were impossible or expensive to do. People use drones for a variety of reasons, and it’s not just something to be used for business either. Drones can be used for videography and photography, which is making the online visual world blow up. If people are able to use drones for videography, then they can sell their marketing skills on social media and they can become influencers, which is a growing popularity and growing trend.

With all of these advancements in technology, drones have also become much more accessible to those who are just regular folks looking to start a new hobby. With models such as the Mini 4 on display, hobbyists and enthusiasts who enjoy flying and exploring the world from another angle are really starting to gain some exciting options. But what else can drones be used for?Here are the top ways that we believe drones can be used.


  1. Aerial photography and videography. You might have seen wedding planners, real estate agents and even amateurs using drones for aerial photography and videography. It’s one of the most common uses, and for those who are looking at land planning, a drone is actually one of the easiest ways to do it. With the help of a drone, you’re able to capture hugely sweeping landscapes and dramatic cityscapes, which is so helpful in photography. If you want to get close to wildlife but you’re a bit nervous about being eaten, then you’ll find that a drone is there to help. If you are trying to capture some challenging footage in a dangerous environment, then a drone is able to go where you can’t, and that becomes a valuable tool for an emergency responder or a journalist. 
  2. In agriculture. Did you know that drones are currently revolutionizing the agriculture industry? With the help that they give to farmers, drones are imperative in optimizing crop production, increasing yields and reducing farming costs. Drones are able to help farmers to gather data on their crops and make better informed decisions when it comes to using their land. One of the biggest ways that drones are used in agriculture is through aerial imaging as we already mentioned. With aerial imaging, high resolution cameras are flown over fields and they can identify the health of the crops as well as detect early signs of disease. It’s also so helpful for monitoring animals and crop growth during the growing season. In addition to this, drones are also being used with spraying pesticides and fertilizers. Some of the bigger drones are able to carry heavy loads to do this. 
  3. Inspections and maintenance. In the real estate and building industries, drones are increasingly being used for infrastructural inspections. This is a cost effective and more efficient way to ensure that bridges, buildings and power lines are being built effectively and safely. Bridge inspections are important for companies and councils, and the Department of Transportation in Minnesota, for example, has been using drones since 2015. The high resolution cameras that the drones are equipped with are able to capture detailed images of any issues that need to be maintained. 
  4. In security. Did you know that drones are transforming the field of surveillance with an aerial perspective that was once unattainable and too expensive? Drones are able to continue to capture high quality footage and gather the data necessary to ensure that enforcement and military get the intelligence they need.drones are able to reach inaccessible areas and these inaccessible areas could never be previously reached by the traditional methods on foot.
  5. For deliveries. Drones have been road tested with Uber and Deliveroo, and they’ve become increasingly popular for a wide range of delivery services. Companies such as Google and Amazon are testing drone delivery services for smaller packages that are easier to navigate. Delivery drones are not particularly big, and they are unmanned, which means that they can be programmed to fly to specific locations to drop off small packages. They are equipped with the right GPS and cameras which ensure that they can be located and returned. 


  1. Research. Another exciting way that drones can be used is in research, because science needs more help and more monitoring. Drones have the ability to offer scientists a unique look into data from remote locations. This means that gathering data on environmental conditions and wildlife has become easier. This is especially important for wildlife research, where populations in dense areas are being closely watched to see how they behave. Researchers can add cameras to drones that allow them to capture high quality images that would be previously impossible to maintain. 
  2. Monitoring environmental conditions With the help of drones, researchers can collect data on temperature and wind speed, as well as other environmental factors, by attaching special sensors to those drones. This data then can be used to accurately study climate changes and weather patterns, and it can also tell us what pollution is doing to our planet. Alongside this, drones are being used to study geological features such as glaciers and volcanoes, so that we understand how it helps and hurts our environment. Drones can be used to measure the temperature of volcanic lava, or study how glaciers are melting and at which speed. 
  3. In journalism. Drones are completely transforming the journalism world because the way that journalists report news is changing. With drones, there is a unique perspective that was once unavailable to journalists. And whether you’re looking at live journalism happening in the moment or you’re looking at journalism that pinpoints something happening where everybody needs to know what’s going on, the high quality footage that can be captured by drones is something that has made them an invaluable tool for news organizations.
  4. In real estate, real estate agents are using drones to capture footage and images of properties so that they can make their sales. With the right footage and videography, houses become more desirable and real estate agents are seen as being ahead of the trends with the correct software. The real estate industry is in tatters right now because real estate agents are not getting a great name and people are struggling to find rentals with amped up adverts that include video footage. With the help of drones, real estate agents are better positioned to sell and to let their properties. Homeowners can also use drones to capture imagery and video that will show the property at its best. 


Of course, these industries are not the only ones where drones are able to show off a little, the possibilities do not end there because the technology is advancing and drones are changing. Even as they are released to the public, more are being created. Drones have the ability to revolutionize industries across the board as well as unlocking new opportunities that include. Expertly designed software businesses can streamline their operations and general folk on the street are able to amp up their hobbies.The customized technology solutions ensure that the transformation of using drones from video cameras are going to be huge. Drones are a gamechanger and if you are looking to buy yours, don’t forget to do your research so that you get the very best!

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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