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Many individuals in healthcare today don’t want to be tied to a single practice. They prefer to take on locum tenens jobs until they find the right opportunity. Finding locum tenens positions can be challenging if a person tries to do so on their own. However, there are some resources available to make this process. These same resources often benefit organizations looking to fill positions. The following are a few of these resources.

Work with a Staffing Agency

One of the easiest ways to find locum tenens jobs is to work with a healthcare staffing agency. The agencies partner with different healthcare organizations to find qualified individuals for open positions. They help medical professionals find jobs that fit their needs, skill levels, and experience. This remains the preferred choice of many, as they can share what they are looking for with the agency. The agency then conducts a search to find those opportunities that are a good fit.

The healthcare organization works with the staffing agency to fill open positions. It shares information about the positions with the agency, such as the minimum requirements. The agency looks for men and women with those qualifications, so the organization does not have to. Working with an agency such as Locumsmart simplifies the process for all.

Complete a Location Search

A person might also search for these job opportunities on their own. They simply complete a search for open positions in the state where they would like to practice. Doing so takes time, which a person might have in short supply.

Organizations may also post available job openings on various websites. They only need to come up with a job description and some basic details before sharing the opening on multiple sites. However, there is one drawback to using this method.

The job seeker and the healthcare organization may be using different sites. A job seeker might be searching by location on website A while the healthcare organization is using website B to post its listing. The two may never find each other, even if they are a perfect fit. By using a dedicated healthcare staffing agency focused on locum tenens positions, the risk of missing each other decreases.

Post a Resume

Another option a person has is to post their resume online through various sites. Employers searching for locum tenens can browse the resumes and find potential candidates for open positions. If they feel a person will be a good fit for a position, they contact them to discuss the opportunity. Again, the employer and medical professional looking for locum tenens positions must be using the same sites, or they may never connect and miss out on the perfect match.

A person who is willing to put in the time and effort will find there are ample locum tenens positions available today. Countless healthcare organizations continue to struggle with staffing shortages and using locum tenens allows them to fill gaps in their staff. However, the easiest way for medical professionals looking for locum tenens positions to connect with healthcare organizations wishing to hire locum tenens is to use a healthcare staffing agency.

Doing so increases the odds of the professional finding the right position for their needs while the organization finds the right person for its open job. Connect with a locum tenens agency today and see why many people won’t search for a new job in healthcare any other way.   

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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