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Education has seen immense evolution recently, with digital technologies at the forefront. It is now an integral part of the academic system. It has adjusted the way students and teachers carry out their duties, making their work easier.

EdTech takes the form of software, hardware, and other ‘tech’ means which help classroom duties. And so improve the learning outcome. You can agree that technology in the classroom is changing education, especially if you’ve come across or used it. Here, we go in-depth into the opportunities that exist.

EdTech Opportunities in Education

EdTech prioritizes efficiency in schooling. Through technologies made for the classroom, you can access materials and resources to help you do better in your schoolwork. You may ask, “How is technology changing the education system,” and in what specific ways? The opportunities listed above have influenced education in many ways. Some of these are:

Custom Writing Help

At some point in school, it will be necessary for you to write an argumentative essay or do research papers. One of the significant benefits of EdTech is helping with your writing assignments. There are different spectrums of these benefits. For instance, education technology allows conducting research without going to a library. Or, you can hire a professional custom writing service like Edusson to work on your paper for you. Such a service can help you get excellent results without wasting time on them. If students are very busy, this solution will be a great option. 

Students can also enhance the originality of their work by using the many accessible plagiarism checkers. After completing an assignment, making use of any of these tools guarantees the uniqueness of the essay. Given how strict the laws are against plagiarism, these tools are a great advantage.

Meanwhile, apps like Grammarly help you correct and polish grammar in research and essays. They help to improve punctuation and suggest improved ways to phrase writing, enhancing your language use.

Learning Languages

Another use of EdTech is to learn languages. Through language learning software applications, your vocabulary is sure to improve. Language learning programs like Duolingo emphasize the importance of technology in education. They expose you to many resources you’ll find helpful in learning a different language. For instance, you can learn to speak Spanish, German, or Portuguese on Duolingo. Moreover, the app additionally adopts Gamification. These help you when language-related schoolwork comes knocking.

Learning and Solving Mathematics

Mathematics EdTech is one of the leading technologies changing the face of education in schools. Calculating numbers is not the easiest, and it doesn’t help much knowing that arithmetic is compulsory in many courses. By using software like Photomath, solving mathematics questions and problems will become a piece of cake. Also, apps like Bytelearn allow teachers to combine teaching Mathematics with easy digital tools. As a result, preparing tests, worksheets, or quizzes becomes easier for tutors.

Getting History and Extra Knowledge Resources

Getting historical texts is a major influence of technology in education, learning, and teaching. Your professors often give you assignments about historical figures and events. You may even have to learn about a certain historical occurrence to grasp a subject better. Historical resources come in handy here. Some of the most popular history websites are:


  • History Channel
  • History Quiz 
  • History Timeline


There are online encyclopedias that give a more academic angle to history. The Britannica Encyclopedia, Encyclopeadia.com, and Wikipedia are a few among many.

Organizing Schoolwork and Materials

EdTech enhances schoolwork and materials for both instructors and pupils. Teachers can upload course outlines, assignments, and classes on a cloud website that is reliable and accessible to them. On the website, students submit work and get access to lessons and course materials. An excellent example of this type of e-learning is Google Classroom, which gives educators and learners access to an organized learning environment.

Learning Through Technology

Technology’s transformative impact on education, with a focus on innovative approaches that are becoming integral to modern learning environments. Below are some options EdTech provides:


  • Virtual Classrooms: The COVID-19 lockdown highlighted the influence of technology in education, bringing about the need for classroom improvisation. But, improvisation has now become commonplace because of its usefulness. Virtual classrooms connect students and teachers anywhere in the world. They now attend classes without being present, and professors teach from anywhere in the world. Many schools have adopted a hybrid teaching process, physical and virtual, while others rely on a virtual basis.


  • Digital Books: Gone are the days when you had to get a hardcover textbook to read for a test. Through modern technology, scholars now have access to books in digital formats. This way, you get to study for tests or exams without the extra load of textbooks. Besides, online bookstores provide books required for study that may be unavailable.


  • Learning Management Systems: An LMS is for administrators, tutors, and students. Institutions adapt it to ease the general school process. It monitors pupils’ participation in studies, instructors’ work, and effectiveness. It also serves to manage the interaction between teachers and a class.


  • Smartboards: These are innovative ways of conducting classroom proceedings. It is an electronic whiteboard which works when connected to a PC. It works by touch and allows the teacher to write on it with a special pen. Educators now have the option to conduct research on Smartboards while teaching. This makes the teaching process easier. Recent advancements even allow users to connect to a board at the same time.


  • Gamification: Gamification makes learning more interesting. It involves using game scenarios and mechanics to teach students. This solution demonstrates the future of technology in education as it is more effective, motivating, and helps with memorization. The adoption of gamification is gaining ground in the classroom – enhancing the learning experience.

Final Thoughts

The use of new technologies in education has provided immense benefits for teaching and learning. The points above have answered the question ‘How important is technology in education” and have given applicable examples. Apart from the evident effectiveness in the classroom, EdTech provides a personalized learning process for learners. A customized learning system could prove more effective in the process of learning. Furthermore, by organizing the learning and teaching materials, it creates a better and more encompassing environment for learning. Education technology is, thus, a welcome innovation for the classroom and general experience of students.


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