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Way back in 2018 and longer than I had thought in the unboxing video which I said three years ago, we checked out the PSB Speakers M4U-8 headphones and to me they were something else back then in 2018 and yeah my review was short but were  only starting out back then after covering Nokia only tech for years and have turned up the game since, Yes 2018 and a pair of headphones I miss, To this day certain brands are applauded every year and is now getting boring and after testing or trying most of these myself.

OK they look the same which is no harm and if something aint broke dont fix it is what they say the cans are comfortable to wear for hours on end even for gaming and movies which is what I have done here whilst reviewing, the headband and cups are super soft and comfortable as before only this time in a new colour which is Espresso Brown and I love it, it is not to often you seen brown headphones.

The controls are all on one side and again I like this it is my personal preference and the size of the controls again something I like which makes it super easy to execute commands every time and again all features are present with call control voice assistant skip and reverse tracks and volume up and down and of course play and pause is all preset and again demonstrated in the video review below.

Personalised Sound with Audiodo™

Using breakthrough technology and a non-replicable set of algorithms, Audiodo Personal Sound™ calibrates the headphones to adjust to the unique hearing of every listener, revealing the “True to Nature” sound signature which PSB Speakers is known for. Through a quick and easy hearing assessment, Audiodo Personal Sound™ maps out a precise and thorough understanding of the listeners hearing, calculates what changes need to be made based on personal sound perception and hearing abilities, and creates a unique profile for every user. All customisation options, including Audiodo Personal Sound™ profiles, are accessed through the PSB Headphones app, a full-featured app that regularly keeps the headphones up-to-date with the latest firmware updates and codes.

Controls on the PSB Speakers M4U 8 MKll
Controls on the PSB Speakers M4U 8 MKll

Feature and Comfort Rich

Enhanced battery life, aptX™ HD Bluetooth, the latest active noise cancelling technologies and more highlight the M4U 8 MKII listening experience, while PSB’s immersive RoomFeel™ technology delivers the clear, natural sound of a live performance and stunning musicality overall. To ensure fatigue-free listening over long periods, the two-way adjustable ear pads are gyro-suspended for optimal ergonomics and supreme comfort. Soft foam ear pads, an adjustable, expandable headband and a lightweight design provide a customised, unrestrained fit so that nothing stands between users and what they want to listen to. Whether for work or play, the M4U 8 MKII headphones bring comfortable and noise-free extended listening to any hi-fi lover on-the-go.

The App

The app is excellent with two parts to it you could say and you need to once again complete a hearing test which is common these days and it is for your benefit in the end and my god the audio on these is as before superb, this is in the audiowizard side of the app where you can switch moods and cinema is the best one here for me but overall they all sound good and you can also custom tune the bass and treble here which will be welcome to anyone who uses them, the front end of the app is a bit on the lame side however there is again many options to control them, some of the options can be tuned on the controls too on the headphones, there could have been more presets here but there is enough to keep you going and fine tune yourself in the end and you have room feel,better dialogue, more detailed and tighter bass so in here you can tune to your personal taste.



Overall It has to be said the company have done it again with a superb pair of headphones with a new color that I like, you are getting super comfortable headphones loud volume and many other features thrown in, there is no lag latency they work great on calls and if you are watching a movie or gaming you are center stage here and will not be dissapointed one bit.

Key Features of the M4U 8 MKII

Bluetooth HD wireless connection with aptX™ HD and Qualcomm® cVc™ technology
Separate Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), Active, and Passive Modes
All-digital ANC with digital MEMS microphones decreases audio conversion error
PSB’s latest RoomFeel™ technology with greater detail and better imaging
Personal Sound by Audiodo™ through the PSB Headphones app
Access additional features, settings, and over-the-air updates using the PSB Headphones app
NFC pairing for supported devices
Over-ear, amplified, closed back design
Physical controls for volume, playback, and mode selection
Unique dual 3.5mm input connections (left or right side)
Tangle-free cords for analogue wired and USB-C connection
1/4” stereo and dual-input flight adapters
Runs on included rechargeable battery power
Up to 25 hrs battery playtime in Active Mode
Gyro-suspended ear pads
Carry case and easy folding for travel and storage


Video Review


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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