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Not so long ago we had a scorcher of a few weeks and hopefully not the last but now as this review goes out it is on the cool side which is is what the latest from Jisulife has on offer with their Neck Fan Pro 3 earlier we tested out the Handheld Fan Pro 1s and Neck Fan Pro 1 which literally saved my life as I am not a huge fan of the heat and they worked a treat and anyone that seen them first knda scoffed them however once they tried them out they quickly changed their mind which was funny.

So now we have the newer model Neck Fan Pro3 which has of course additional features thrown in and all for the benefit of the user, the design is similar but some aesthetic changes yet still comfortable to wear and we still have the same top fan speed which is what keeps you cool and I mean cool these products really work folks trust me.

This time around we have got a four dimensional balanced air duct, air negative ions which purifies the air, reduces particulate matter by 99.99%, removes allergens,pollen, dust mites and more and kills bacteria with a steraliation rate of 99.98%, now I can’t prove this but you can certainly feel the air and it feels clean with no smell and better noise reduction this time around.


We have also got an infinite 100 toggle setting so you are in control to what suits you best but from using it top speed is best for me and of course it will have an effect on the battery but this time around we have got fast charge with 18W and a 6000 mAh battery to give us a longer time of use.

There is two buttons, one each side and a speed toggle and of course a USB-C port to charge and that is it nothing complicated no app just turn on and go and that is all there is to it and of course enjoy the cool clean air. The switches are for turning on the negative ion which also has an indicator light and the other for speed as mentioned with an LED display but this time the cover seems frosted and not as easy to see.

Negative ions, also known as “air vitamins,” can be generated in forests through waterfalls, streams, photosynthesis of plants, and ultraviolet rays from the sun. Negative ions have benefits for the human body, including purifying the blood, activating cells to enhance immune function, regulating the autonomic nervous system, and eliminating insomnia, headaches, and anxiety while preventing arteriosclerosis.


  • Millions of air negative ions, purifying respiration.
  • 100-speed infinite variable speed, customized to your preference.
  • Ultra-high battery capacity + super fast flash charging.
  • Ergonomic design, pressure-free and comfortable to wear.
  • Sound attenuation and reduction evaluation technology.


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